Friday, June 14, 2013

Rare Footage: Avraham Fried (HASC 3) "Eliyahu Hanavi"

One of the greatest contributions to modern Jewish music has been the HASC "A Time For Music" concerts. Through the directorship of Sheya Mendlowitz, the greatest Jewish music producer since the time of recording Jewish music - HASC became a household name for their annual sellout concerts.

The first HASC concert was to be of epic historical proportions. Mordechai Ben David and Avaraham Fried, the two greatest stars of Jewish music were to hit the stage together. On January 17, 1988  in Avery Fisher Hall Lincoln Center there was a sellout crowd, and today its audio CD's - a rare jewel of Jewish Music - is still being purchased in Jewish music stores around the world. HASC 2 starred MBD and HASC 3 starred Avraham Fried and also featured a special surprised guest appearance by MBD.

In addition to the audio there was also a video released of the HASC II concert. Audio tapes were released for the HASC 1 and 3 concerts as well. Yet no video was ever released for either of them; although HASC 3 was professionally video taped.

Now, for the first time ever a short clip of the HASC 3 concert has appeared. The clip was replaced with the professional audio (from the album released over two decades ago) to provide maximum quality. Part of the video is also edited and repeated, since the footage obtained was not long enough to last throughout the full song.

Avraham Fried sings "Eliyahu Hanavi" composed by Yossi Green. Recorded live at the HASC III concert in Avery Fisher Hall Lincoln Center in New York City, January 21, 1990. A Sheya Mendlowitz production.

Update: Although the audio is from HASC 3, it now seems that the footage below is in fact not from the HASC 3 concert but rather from a different concert during that same era.


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Wow wow wow. Why on earth don't they release it? I have waited twenty years to watch this video!

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