Monday, February 11, 2013

MBD and 8th Day Concert In Crown Heights

For the first time Mordechai Ben David and 8th Day preform on stage together at the 11th annual Soul II Soul concert that took place Sunday Night February 10 2013, at the Brooklyn School for Music and Theater in Crown Heights, Brooklyn accompanied by the Shira choir and Freilach band

"Timche" from the Tomid Besimcha album, released in 1994. Joined for the first time on stage by 8th Day.

Mordechai Ben David singing the Lubavitcher Rebbe's Aanim Zemiros

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MBD with a Chabad Medley

8th Day and MBD - Tracht Gut

MBD - Racheim, Hineini, Someday

8th Day - Ya'alili

Another clip of Aanim Zemiros

11 minutes of footage from the concert.


Tzvi said...

Was not in crown heights

Anonymous said...

it was i was there!!

Anonymous said...

I was there and they sounded way better on stage then they do in the videos