Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Jacob Ostreicher Released After 18 Months in Prison

A Bolivian judge on Tuesday released a New York Chasidic businessman and granted him house arrest after he was jailed for 18 months without charge despite strong evidence that he was fleeced and extorted by corrupt prosecutors.

Jacob Ostreicher, a married father of five and grandfather of 11, was arrested in June 2011 by Bolivian police while he was overseeing a rice growing venture that he had invested in. He was accused of money laundering but 18 months later has yet to be formally charged with any crimes. NY Assemblyman Dov Hikind, who was the first U.S. politician to be extremely vocal in his support for the jailed businessman and his family, as well as a confidant and an advocate for the Ostreicher family, called today’s news “the beginning of the end of Jacob Ostreicher’s nightmare.”

Video blow from Bolivian media shows Ostreicher arrives with his wife at the Bolivia courthouse on Tuesday wearing a bullet-proof flak jacket & helmet, after death threats were made against him.


Anonymous said...

i was praying for him for the last 12 months every day our prayers never goes to waste

Anonymous said...

Light at the end of a dark tunnel

Anonymous said...

when is he coming home to brooklyn