Thursday, February 02, 2012

Yechidus Nigun in the Old City

Chasideim Farbreng with each other in honor for Yud Shevat the Yahrzeit of the Previous Lubavircher Rebbe (1950), at the Tzemach Tzedek Shul, one of the oldest shuls in the Jewish Quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem. Singing the Nigun Hachanah to Yechidus of Reb Shlomo Shashniker a Chosid of The Baal Hatanya.

When a Chosid prepares himself for (Yechidus private audience) with his Rebbe where he will reveal to his Rebbe everything that pains his soul and requests advice about his service to G-d, he sanctifies himself, takes inventory of the status of his Nefesh and arouses thoughts of Teshuva from the depths of this heart in order to escape from his every day worldly preoccupations and raises himself to a loftier standard of spiritual life. While occupied with these deep thoughts, a Nigun may escape from his heart which conveys a feeling of a spiritual condition. This, Chasidmim called a "Yechudus Nigun."

The Previous Rebbe once related in a talk during the year 5706 that his father the Rebbe Rasha"b once remarked that by the Nigun a Chosid sang before entering a Yechidus one could see what feeling and hope the Chosid was taking with into the Yechidus.

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