Thursday, January 26, 2012

"Rainbow in the Night" Official Music Video

Rainbow in the Night, a short clip, is a brief but exceptionally powerful video created specifically for today's fast paced generation. Using stunning cinematography, a haunting score, hard hitting lyrics and vocals that will touch the deepest recesses of the soul, this historical work offers a glimpse into World War II Krakow as seen through the eyes of a survivor.

Beginning with footage of a 1939 original oil painting of a synagogue being ravaged by the Nazis, shown at a private event in the survivor's home, Rainbow in the Night is an exquisitely emotional journey, as the survivor recalls first the warmth of his childhood home, then the shock and disbelief as people are forced to leave their homes for the Krakow ghetto, taken to an extermination camp and after enduring unspeakable cruelty, finally liberated. Set against a backdrop of utter despair and hopelessness, the survivor relives the inexplicable power that enabled him to persevere, the rainbow in the figurative night that promised better days to come.

Culminating triumphantly with our hope for the future, the faces of hundreds of modern day Jewish children, Rainbow in the Night is both a euphoric tribute to the indomitable human spirit that enabled the Jewish people to survive against all odds and also a call to arms, to rekindle the spark of Jewish pride and unity among Jews worldwide, as we continue to rebuild the generations that were destroyed by the Nazis.

Executive Producer - Cecelia Margules
Directed by Daniel Finkelman
Cinematography by Mauricio Arenas
Produced by Daniel Finkelman and Maurico Arenas
Art director - Tzirel Raskin

Co-produced by:
Sigmund Rolat
The Rabbi Leib Geliebter Memorial Foundation, Dr. Joseph Geliebter, Director.
Adam Margules
Lev Rivkin

Song written and composed by Cecelia Margules
Musical production - Yitzhak Shemtov
Score - Israel Edelson
Vocals - Yanky Lemmer, Sparks Choir
Vocals recorded by: Ruli Ezrachi

Cast: Yanky Lemmer, Ari Raskin, Leah Raskin, Justyna Orzechowska, Iga Piwowarczyk, Meir Stessel, Zahava Stessel, Harry Wanderer, Mark Orbach, Helen Orbach, Eddy Privitzer, David Vaitsman, Yehudah Lindenblatt, Rubin Margules, Arlene Fox, Moshe Fox, Gladys Kohler, Dr. Jeffery Weber, Rachel Margules, Eli Verschleiser, Jacob Verschleiser, Lev Rivkin, Tzvi Berke

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