Saturday, November 19, 2011

Home Destroyed by Flour Avalanche

From the author: "Mommy took a 5 minute bathroom break during which my two boys, ages 1 and 3 took my new bag of flour out of the cupboard and destroyed my house. My blood pressure is still up."

She adds: "I agree, it looks like I totally was a passive parent here. It looks like I don't parent at all! It is just that I was in complete shock. I came out of the bathroom in shock, walked through the flour on the floor to get my camera, went back to the bathroom, took a deep breath and started to video. After I videotaped this I sat down and cried. My mother-in-law (GOD BLESS HER) came over to help me clean. (THANKS MOM!) Zachary did fall on the flour and busted his lip open though :-(."

To the question on how they got the flour up onto the frames? She replies: "It is crazy isnt it?! Flour is so light it becomes airborne very easily! For the people who think it's fake.. take a hand full of flour and throw it up in the air from a child's height... You'll see! lol"

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Anonymous said...

what is that white powder?