Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Free Download - Mendy Antelis "Everywhere"

The name Antelis is no stranger in the Jewish music world. Moshe Antelis (the Father) has played for Piamenta and every band since, at gigs and simchas, Shaindel (the Daughter) has two albums and has a growing following and Jake (the Son) has a studio (Jantelis Studios)that has worked with some artists like; Moshe Hecht, Omek Hadaver, Yaakov Chesed and Hello Sid.

Now its time for another Antelis to make his mark in Jewish music. Fourteen year old Mendy Antelis is making is debut with his first single “Everywhere”. A catchy tune written by Mendy himself with co-written with his sister Shaindel. “Everywhere” is a song about how Hashem is always around us and there for us and we have to have Emunah. The song is available as a Free download by Clicking Here.

Listen to the song below.

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