Friday, November 26, 2010

Mitzvah Blvd. Trailer - Eli learns his Aleph Beis

Mitzvah Blvd is here to teach all the letters of the Aleph Beis, one by one; and parents couldn't be happier. This new half-hour video combines live action and animation, puppets and people, entertainment and information. Each letter is introduced with its own skit and song, so that kids not only learn the letter, but basic words that are associated with it. In addition to letters and words, Mitzvah Blvd. teaches Torah values, such as Brochos, Kosher, Tzedakah and much more.

Over three years in the making, Mitzvah Blvd. combines all the top talents, including, Yankee Teitelbaum, Fitche Benshimon and the one and only Chaim Fogelman! It makes a great present any time of the year, but especially on Chanukah, which celebrates our commitment to Torah True education.

This Mitzvah Blvd. Vol.1 is the first in a series of affordable learning and entertainment DVDs. Each DVD will be packed with Torah and will teach Jewish values in a way that kids from 2 to 12 will enjoy and understand.

To order your copy of Mitzvah Blvd, visit your nearest Judaica store or

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