Monday, November 08, 2010

Don Imus on Making Fun of Kars4Kids

Radio talk show host Don Imus has apologized for slamming a commercial for a kids charity — saying he was merely poking fun at a jingle that he says literally annoys everyone in possession of a working radio.

It all started during a commercial break on Wednesday’s show when the Kars4Kids jingle started to play, and Imus — clearly not a fan of the jingle — begged the singer to “shut up” and “go to —.”

Imus then groaned, “I should give you my Bentley — you morons.”

A rep for Kars4Kids tells TMZ they were flooded with emails — and eventually posted a clip on their website with the title, “Is Imus really donating his Bentley to Kars4Kids?”

But the next day, Kars4Kids says Imus issued a “fairly thorough retraction and apology on air” — and the group now insists that all is forgiven. A rep for Imus tells us, “Very catchy tune, very silly controversy.”

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Anonymous said...

if you listen closely to the audio here you can hear imus relly insulting them