Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Why You Shouldn't Use Google Translate

This Sign was found on a wall in 770 in the central Lubavitch Yeshiva where many Israeli and American bochurem who are of marriageable age learn.

A Gruntig Exclusive!

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Anonymous said...

This is a point. I realized it once. What I found you can do is to translate the translated text back into your language. So like that you can see if it made any mistakes. If so, you can try to figure out what words to change into wording that will work better and then test it again. Otherwise you can just ask someone who knows that lagauge for those few words. My rebbe would say 'A yid gebt zich an eizta'! (Go see what Google translates this as: א איד געבט זיך אן איצה
A Jew divorce themselves without fear - don't ask!
How about the translation of:
Does Google do a good job translating?
To Hebrew: Google עושה עבודה טובה בתרגום?
To Yiddish (it actually does): קען Google טאָן אַ גוטע אַרבעט טראַנסלייטינג?
Not bad.