Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Little Girl & a Nazi

A cute little girl named Julian asks a white separatist and skinhead about his beliefs and whether he is a Nazi. This clip was taken from the ABC Saturday morning special "Prejudice: Answering Children's Questions", hosted by the late anchorman and news presenter Peter Jennings.

Update - 11/09/10 - The name of that young man in the video is Frank Meeink.

Mr. Meeink was one of the most influential skinheads in the world. Host of his own Neo-Nazi television talk show called “The Reich”, and the go-to guy for the Skinhead movement when someone was needed to talk up their point of view on some national news show. He was the face of the Skinhead movement. He was also a thug, who ultimately went to jail for kidnapping a one man, and brutally beating another for hours, until the man lost consciousness and nearly died.

But that was then. Now, Frank Meeink is the author, along with co-author Jody Roy, PHD, of a remarkable book entitled, “Autobiography of a Recovering Skinhead”, and a champion of tolerance who lectures all around the country on the subject of accepting others, working closely with the anti-defamation league.

Recently, the woman that little girl grew up to become sent Meeink an email, part of which Meeink shared on his Facebook page for his book. It read, “I was blown away to see what an inspirational leader you have become. Proving that people can change, tolerance can be taught, and above all to love one another. If you can change, anyone can and I thank you."

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