Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Kofer Rebbe

Rabbi Pesach Scheiner The Chabad shliach in Boulder, Colorado, related how he once tried to convince Zalman Schachter who would drive to shull on shabbos, to take a cab and have a Goy drive him instead of himself as not to be oiver as many issurem. For a while he did just that, but after a few weeks he was back driving his car on shabbos all by himself. When Rabbi Scheiner asked him why the change? why not come with a cab? he replied "I can't be Misboinen with a Goy in the car!"

Rabbi Scheiner would receive criticisms from some as to why he allows a Kofer and a Mechalel Shabbos B'farhesia in his Chabad House. But he felt, since the Rebbe was mekarev him so should we.

They say that at Shlomo Carlebach funeral, Z. Schechter (who had Yechidus with the Freidiger Rebbe together with Shlomo before they went together on Merkaz shlichus), went over to Shlomo's Aron and said something to this idea: "Shlaime, zolts gedenken as mir zainen chasidem funem Rebben... etc.


Anonymous said...

He certainly sings with a gishmakeit.

Anonymous said...

Very heart warming bracha... the only thing is that he changes the words in the Kapital which is said after the bracha... He says Ado-nai instead of Elokim. He really is The Kofer, however to put a title like Rebbe on him I think degrades even the most rediculous of all of the Rebbe'lach out there.

Lucky Wolf said...

the title on the original video was "Jewish renewal (the religion which he invented R"L) Rebbe."

I simply found a more fitting title.