Wednesday, March 07, 2007

How Can We Hasten Global Warming?

It's getting cold outside! what can we do to bring the warm weather back?


Anonymous said...

how can you make a joke of such a serious thing don't you realize that this can spell the doom of the entire universe by 2050?!

Lucky Wolf said...

I'm frankly more afraid of getting nuked by Iran -heaven forbid- then Global warming.

G-D created nature with such perfection, like for example if the sun was just a bit closer to the earth our planet would melt, or if it were a bit farther from earth it would freeze. so the theory that nature will be destroyed by nature itself, is something that i just don't believe in. G-d is just too good for that to happen.

Anonymous said...

it seems to me that you are a religious jew. i have always believed that Judaism believes as a fundamental fact that there is free choice in this world.
as such i fail to see why it is not possible that because of human fallacy ignorance and guilt there are people that have chosen to act in a way that has corrupted the ecosystem.

Anonymous said...

One can only destroy that which he has created.

This we see clearly from the universe itself, in that no matter how many times anything is burnt, evaporated, or otherwise disposed of, the object or at least its matter continues to exist. Even radio waves are said to continue floating around never stopping to exist.

That is from a philosophical point of view. From the perspective of Judaism, the Bible establishes clearly that the world was created in a way that it shall never be destroyed, and I cite the Bible in Genesis after the Great Flood, the L-rd spoke told Noah and said that the universe would never be destroyed again (let alone the actual universe, even the people within would never be entirely destroyed as with the Great Flood, see source for further reference), In Chronicles (the hebrew name of the book is Divrei Hayomim book 1 chapter 16 verse 30) too the L-rd reiterates that the world was built on steady foundations never to be destroyed.

Now, this does not mean we can neglect the universe, including the ecosystem and all, however to say with such boldness and haughtiness that us humans can destroy the world is also wrong. What seems correct is, as we've seen in our history, parts of civilization can be considerably reduced or even entirely vanquished, and parts of the original form of the universe can be changed.

As such we maintain free choice, yet do not entirely accept (or reject) the idea of global warming.

I obviously do not think the author of the site had all of the above-mentioned ideas in mind when he posted the article, it was merely a joke. Yes, in our Great Country, that is The United States of America, one is permitted to make light of any situation no matter how serious a matter it may be. That said, I'll add that if it truly is a serious matter, indeed I believe it's long overdue, a joke is definitely welcome as a means of retreating from such an ominous threat, if only for the moment.

I'll end with just a small note on your question of how we can believe in free choice and yet still mock global warming? I'd like to rephrase that question as follows: how can we believe in free choice and still maintain that a specific party of humans can overturn our world? You see if I have free choice, and decide to be ecologically aware, how can someone else control that decision of mine and render it useless by making his own decision to ruin the ecosystem?