Thursday, September 07, 2006

in Skver Even the Fish Talk!

There was a discussion on Rabbi Yehuda Shain's Blog “yudel's Rest of the Story” (I’m not certain if in fact it is truly him) disputing if Moish Finkel - the owner of “Shevach Meat” who was involved in the "Treife meat scandal" in Monsey- is a Skeverer chossid or not. In till it was determined that only “Mr. Green” the owner of Hatzlachah Grocery who was not involved in the scandal is essentially Skver but Moish Finkel is Litvish.
One commentator brought evidence confirming that in fact Mr. finkel is not Skver. He wrote "HE MOST CERTAINLY COULD NOT BE SKVER, IN SKVER EVEN THE FISH TALK, THIS GUY JUST KEPT SILENT ALL ALONG!"

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