Monday, February 27, 2006

It's Too Damn Cold Party?

As guys in yeshiva were registering to vote (what else do Bochurem do in Yeshiva?!), they had to choose which party to join. Some said to join the Democratic party so that you can vote in the democratic primaries and then be able to get rid of any real bad/liberal democrat, this especially makes sense in a blue state where the democrats usually end up to be the ones in power. Others however said that you've got to be a loyal American and register as a Republican no matter what the cost may be.

There were though other partys which you were able to choose from, such as the Independence party, Conservative party and others. But the most exciting party was none other then the "Rent is To Damn High Party", no kidding this is a real political party. When seeing that and all this cold weather out here (for now at lease, since the weather this winter for the most part has been treating us quite nicely) I came up with a great idea, I've invented the

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Anonymous said...

is this the anti global warming party?

Anonymous said...

wow, i don't believe it, my chavrusah the liberal, lol.

Lucky Wolf said...