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Rav Zecharia Wallerstein zt"l's Final Message

๐Ÿ“ง To submit names(for free) and learn more about Tu B’Av Together, visit call 1-718-395-5899

Join Klal Yisroel!! Hear directly from Rav Zecharia Wallerstein ZT"L as he invites you to join on this August 12th.

Everything you need to know about Tu B'Av Together in 60 seconds:
๐Ÿ“… On Tu B'Av (8/12) @10AM EST, Klal Yisrael will daven together for shidduchim!
๐Ÿ“– Join LIVE Tefillah event on Fri (8/12) @10am EST
๐ŸŽผ Watch LIVE pre-Tu B’Av Musical Event with today’s leading stars on Thu (8/11) @7:30pm

Sheyafutzu - Naftali Kempeh - TYH Nation

The Ba’al Shem Tov is the founder of a movement that forever changed the landscape of Yiddishkeit. In a letter to his brother in law, Reb Gershon Kitover, he describes an experience he had on Rosh Hashana 5507(1746) where, in a moment of incredible deveykus, he experienced Aliyas Neshama and encountered the soul of Mashiach.

The Baal Shem Tov cried out:
"ืื™ืžืชื™ ืงืืชื™ ืžืจ?"
"Mashiach! When are you going to finally come?”
“When is our master, ืžืจ, going to usher in the Geulah?”
Mashiach answered him: " ืœื›ืฉื™ืคื•ืฆื• ืžืขื™ื™ื ื•ืชื™ืš ื”ื—ื•ืฆื”" (Mishlei 5:16)
When your wellsprings—your deepest waters—spread outwards, that is what will bring Mashiach.

We know that our Holy Torah is compared to Water. Mashiach was guaranteeing that as soon as the wellsprings of Torah burst forth and spread throughout the world, it would be the time to reveal himself and bring the Geulah.

These words became the driving force behind a renewed and passionate connection to HASHEM and His Torah, that the Baal Shem Tov began to proliferate throughout the world.

Every time a Yid learns Torah or experiences the joy of fulfilling a mitzvah, deepens their connection to HASHEM, or works on bettering their middos, that Yid is part of this mission, to spread the wellsprings of Torah and hasten the coming of Mashiach.

This song was written to express how important it is to allow OUR ืžืขื™ื ื•ืช, OUR wellsprings, to overflow and spread outwards, and actively be a part of welcoming the Geulah into our lives.

Music produced by Eli Klein & Yitz Berry
Guitar & Bass: Nachman Helbitz
Farbgrengable Studios / Mendy Portnoy
Design: Yakov Josephy

Video production: Michael Tzi
Concept and Edited by: Elchanan Nusbaum
Directed by: Sruli Broncher

Sunday, August 07, 2022

Brooklyn Jewish Xperience Presents: Tisha B'Av Event

Join world-famous speakers Rabbis YY Jacobson, Paysach Krohn, "Rav Gav" Friedman and Yitzchok Fingerer for an unforgettable and life-changing experience as they present their most important and powerful speech ever. We live in unparalleled times, with unprecedented challenges and struggles. Extraordinary times require extraordinary measures. Our speakers have their pulse on Klal Yisroel's needs and have prepared speeches that will make a huge impact on your life. You will also be treated to a special segment in which the speakers, in their inimitable style, will offer candid, heartfelt and surprising answers to pressing contemporary questions.

Join BJX for an unparalleled Tisha B'Av program filled with passion, insight, inspiration and Chizuk.

BJX was established to ignite the Jewish spark in every Jew. BJX is committed to bringing the teaching of Judaism to whoever wishes to learn it, regardless of their background. Our Beis Medrash and Kehilla are open to Jews of all ages and stages and from all walks of life. BJX has special outreach divisions for public high school, college and young professionals. In addition BJX runs a Helpline for families with at-risk young adults and conducts counseling for families at-risk.

Be a part of it

Fun Easy Pool Noodle Pom Pom Launcher/Blaster/Shooter

This Tisha B’av let your kids entertain themselves!

Introducing a new amazing craft channel! For kids and kids at heart❤️ Join the Duct Tape lady @ On A Roll Crafts as she gives step by step instructions that help *Build Confidence *Teach Problem Solving * **Encourage “Out of the Box” Thinking **and more!

A craft made for all ages! Literally 0-99! For kids and kids at heart!

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"I Buried My Wife... I Don’t Want to Bury My Son!"

I buried my wife…. I don’t want to bury my son!

I know you’re bombarded with stories and emails about tragedies and misfortune. But I still don’t think you’ve ever heard a story as tragic as mine.

And to think that just four months ago, we were the happiest couple in the world, waiting excitedly for the birth of our first child.

And then our Dov Ber was born. What a gorgeous, cherubic baby!

Yes, our country was embroiled in war, but our sweet Dov Ber helped keep our minds off the terrible things going on outside.

Two weeks after Dov Ber was born, my wife went out to pick up a few things for him. She kissed him and left me to babysit.

How could we have known that it was the last kiss Dov Ber would ever get from his mother??

My wife got caught in a Russian bombardment. She never came home from that shopping trip.

I was left alone in a cruel world, with nobody other than my orphaned baby. I promised Dov Ber that I would watch him and raise him. I would protect him and guard him — I would be the mother he doesn’t have.

Promises are easy to make…..

When he was three and a half months old, I picked him up from the babysitter after work. She told me to take him to the doctor. He didn’t look so good…

How could a three month old baby look good without a mother?

But I had promised him that I would take care of him, so I rushed to the doctor.

The doctor was stern. “Why did you wait so long before coming?” he asked me. “Where’s this baby’s mother? She didn’t notice that he’s pale and apathetic?”

I started to cry and almost collapsed. I couldn’t help but scream, “What’s wrong with my baby?”

The doctor refused to tell me anything. He just sent me running to the hospital.

After endless tests the doctors finally told me. He has advanced leukemia.

He had been fighting the disease for a while, but busy with work and taking care of a baby, I didn’t notice that anything was wrong.

We didn’t go home that day. Dov Ber was hospitalized and started receiving aggressive treatment. The doctors let me know exactly what they thought: If I had brought him in earlier, his chances of survival would have been higher.

I had promised my baby that I would take care of him. But I neglected him! I was sleeping on the job.

At least now, I’m determined to do everything and anything possible in order to keep my promise.

Everything and anything includes flying him out of the country so he can receive the best possible treatment. The Ukrainian hospitals aren’t fully functioning during wartime.

Doing everything and anything for my motherless son means paying for expensive treatments on my own, even though I have no idea where the money will come from.

I haven’t worked for over a month.

I barely manage to pay for Dovi’s baby formula, how will I be able to come up with $300,000

Please. I’m a young widower with a tiny, sick orphan

Help me keep my promise.

I buried my wife…. I don’t want to bury my son…

Help me pay for treatments so I don’t lose the little I have left…

Donate on this link

Beating Cancer And Yearning For Moshiach

Meaningful People podcast, featuring Reb Ari Bensoussan.

Rabbi Ari Bensoussan grew up in Brooklyn, before attending Yeshiva of Far Rockaway, Mir and Beis Medrash Govoah. A Musmach of the Yerushalayim Rabbinate and Rav Yitzchok Berkowitz, Rabbi Ari co-founded Yeshivas Ruach Chaim, and was a Senior Lecturer at Derech before moving with his wife and 4 boys to Los Angeles, where he heads a branch of Chazak International.

A renowned lecturer and sought-after speaker, Rabbi Ben Soussan inspires and teaches all over the world. He is the co-host of the wildly popular Two Cents Podcast.

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Wednesday, August 03, 2022

Illumination: New Tisha B’av Film by Yoel Gold - Trailer

Yoel Gold’s Illumination: A Film That Will Inspire You This Tisha B’av

Visit: Hashkifa

Over the past several years, Hashkifa’s films have been seen by hundreds of thousands of people around the world, and for many, the Tisha B’Av films have been their pinnacle uplifting moment on Tisha B’Av. Yoel Gold’s Tisha B’Av films have gained momentum and become a staple of remarkable Tisha Bรกv inspiration.

This Tisha B’Av, Rabbi Yoel Gold is awakening our spirits with an exclusive full-length film, that includes a collection of powerful true stories that are guaranteed to open our hearts and touch our souls.

Illumination is a new film that will take us back to where it all began. Jews have notoriously carried their religion with them wherever they have gone.

The stories in Illumination will remind all of us of the mission we have in this world and for us to continue being a light unto the nations.

Saw the sneak preview?

Illumination will stream on-demand this Tisha B’Av only on Hashkifa

Make sure that you’re inspired this Tisha B’Av by reserving your ticket now!

Project Inspire Tisha B'av 2022 Trailer - UNEXPECTED

When life presents us with challenges and unexpected difficulties arise, we often succumb to overwhelming anxiety and grief.

But there are heroes among us who rise to the occasion even in times of adversity. They overcome their challenges with positivity and a sense of purpose. Thus do they become our greatest inspiration.

Join Project Inspire for their thirteenth annual Tisha B’av video on Sunday, August 7th, by viewing an outstanding 55-minute documentary film called “Unexpected”. The film is about individuals who could have easily fallen into the abyss of doubt and uncertainty in their times of challenge. But instead, they rose to the occasion and discovered Divine intervention when everything seemed lost.

Close to 100,000 viewers watched the Project Inspire Tisha B’av videos in the past and even more are expected to tune in this year. The film, which was produced by Mint Media, begins with an introduction by HaRav Reuven Feinstein, and is riveting. The stories are extraordinary and the messaging is clear. At times of great devastation, if someone reaches out with compassion and care, the loss and the loneliness are transformed into a springboard for holiness and hope. Suddenly everything changes. And that someone could be anyone, even you.

Follow the prompts for instructions on viewing the entire film on Tisha B’av itself. here

And remember to watch the Project Inspire talk show featuring Rabbi Yossie Friedman and Charlie Harary during the last two hours of Tisha B’av when they will discuss the stories of “Unexpected” and the lessons to be learned.

It’s the unexpected events that can change the trajectory of people’s lives.

Missing Dog Found by Chaveirim of Rockland County

Ginger, a corgi mix, was missing for days until someone heard whimpering coming from a Rockland County storm drain. CBS2's Tony Aiello spoke with community volunteers, who helped bring Ginger to safety.

Tuesday, August 02, 2022

FASCINATING STORY: From Grave to Cradle

A Fascinating and inspiring story how a donation toward Chesed Shel Emes for the burial expenses of an indigent Jew Brought upon an amazing miracle!

Story by R' Pinny Rubinstein

To contribute to Chesed Shel Emes to help bring thousands of Meisei Mitzvah to Kever Yisroel Please visit