Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Florida Gov. DeSantis Tweets on Chabad Fire in Capitol

GOING VIRAL: Read Florida GOV Ron DeSantis' Tweet on Chabad Fire in Capitol

“Just head over to the Chabad house, they’ll take care of you. They take care of us all.”


The average Jewish FSU student, while trying to find his path through young adulthood, has heard this before, and not just once. As has the entire Jewish community surrounding Tallahassee. And the term “Chabad House” is not foreign to members of the state government either.

For the local college students, “Chabad” means family. A home away from home. For the community at large, it means a source of spiritual sustenance to keep the Jewish heart attached to its source.

And then it all went up in smoke. Everything has been totally destroyed by a fire.


The Morris and Lillian Tabacinic Chabad House served as a center for Jewish life for the last decade. It was home to many; there’s no other way to describe it. For students, it was a place to socialize, enjoy a Shabbos meal, and to fuel their connection to Judaism.

For the local community, it provided classes, activities, and a place to refocus.

And for everyone, the Rabbi and Rebbetzin are always there, 24/7.

Emergency Funding.

To be able to immediately continue providing our much-needed services, for the student body and wider community, we need $1 million. And we need it today. We plan to immediately find a replacement location, with a full kitchen, activity center, and all the amenities needed to continue our work. Even insurance money that we will hopefully receive because of this fire will only go towards repairs, and will not at all pay for continuing our operations.


The Future Ahead.

Further plans for a state-of-the-art, 15,000-square-foot center are already in the works, and, with G-d’s help, that leg of the journey awaits us. Anyone interested in hearing more about this long-term plan and sponsorship options should please contact the Rabbi directly.

But for now, we must move to immediately get back on track.

Please join our team and help us to rebuild and continue our vital work.


You Are Ignoring Me In My Office To Daven Mincha?

Monday, May 16, 2022

The Story of Jewish Music Legend, Avraham Fried

Meaningful People #82

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Lag Bomer Meron 1971

Yoel Levy’s Dramatic Escape from Lev Tahor

You may have met Mendy Levy. Watch his brother, Yoel Levy, recount his dramatic escape after 3 suspicious deaths surprised the Lev Tahor cult.

Over the course of one year, in a community of three hundred, three people died. Each death was easily avoidable and markedly suspicious, all were related to Yoel.

A new 35 minute documentary shares the story of a 20 year old survivor of the Lev Tahor cult’s suspenseful escape from their Guatemalan compound.

The film, produced by several members of the Hasidic community who are trying to expose the abuse and help people trapped inside Lev Tahor, follows Yoel Levy as he meets fellow cult survivor Rabbi Yaniv Assis for the first time in 10 years.

Rabbi Assis is a respected educator and Torah scholar who spent time with the cult when they were based in a small town in Quebec’s Laurentian Mountains. Yoel Levy was born and raised in Ste Agathe, Quebec to parents who were members of Lev Tahor, a semi-secluded Jewish cult with members of its leadership sitting in prison for kidnapping, child abuse, and child sexual exploitation. They both allowed a film crew to document their reunion, where they tried to piece together the twisted Lev Tahor puzzle.

Using newly leaked documents, photos, and videos, the documentary details the cult’s dramatic midnight flight from Quebec as authorities were closing in to rescue 14 children, and their travels to several locations, each more contained and enclosed than the previous, tightening the noose around members’ families with stricter rules and regiments.

Once inside their own remote Guatemalan compound, kept inside with barb wire and armed guards, three easily avoidable deaths took place, including the tragic passing of Yoel’s father.

This video and the Mendy Levy video was produced by Faudak.

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Your Family - Our Neighborhood - Hatzalahthon 3

Dear friends.

Imagine a sense of complete fear.

When your world comes to a complete and total stop.

Your loved one is unresponsive, and panic begins to set in.

Unfortunately, this describes the scene of hundreds of daily Hatzalah calls worldwide.

Yet with care, dedication, professionalism, and a real innate desire to help,

Hatzalah members bring an overwhelming sense of calm and optimism.

They truly are our everyday heroes.

Many of us owe a great debt of gratitude to Hatzalah, and today, you have the opportunity to give back!

Find your local branch at hatzalahthon.com and let your voice be heard.

“We appreciate our Hatzalah volunteers, and everything they do for us in our times of need!”

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Yossi - Renewal

Young Yossi and his family are so hopeful that a donor will be found, to provide Yossi with the new kidney he desperately needs.

Renewal is on the front lines for hundreds more like Yossi.

Help Renewal continue to help others!

Lechol Keholo - Belz - Malchus Choir

עשר שנים - עשרה בוגרים! מקהלת 'מלכות' בהפקה היסטורית מרהיבה עם מייסדי המקהלה!

מקהלת 'מלכות' שבימים אלו מציינת את תחילת שנת העשור להקמתה, יוצאת בפרויקט ווקאלי מיוחד ומרגש כאשר לא פחות מעשרה זמרים מתוך רשימת הסולנים שיצאו ממנה במהלך השנים, שבים הביתה וניצבים בעמדת הסולו לצד עשרה חברי מקהלה בדימוס.

תגלו כאן את זאנוויל ויינברגר ומוטי ויזל, אבריימי לונגר וברוך ויזל, יואלי דווידוביץ ויוסל לייפער, חיים פולק ופיני פולק, יואלי ויינברגר וגם פנחס ביכלר המנצח בעצמו.

היצירה הבעלזאית 'לכל קהלא' של הרב שלמה קאליש זוכה לעיבוד ווקאלי חדש ושונה שיחד עם כל המשתתפים 'רברביא עם זעריא' הופכת ללא פחות ממושלמת.

לצילום הוידיאו לוהק שוב הצלם המיתולוגי של מקהלת מלכות - נתי אלבר, כאשר על העריכה מופקד הערשי סגל. ההפקה מצולמת במתחם 'יקב ברקן' כאשר שמוליק מאיר מחברת 'פול ווליום' פורש את חסותו על ההגברה. גם אמן העיצוב הגרפי שמעון רוכמן – המעצב הפופלארי של הפקות המוזיקה הגדולות, פורש חסותו על ההפקה הגדולה.

מיקס: חיים מוזס. יח"צ: אבריימי גולדשטיין.

Monday, May 09, 2022

A Jewish Community in Middle of an Arab Country

Episode 3 of Endurance of a Jew, Starring Shloime Zionce.

Shloime Zionce and Meaningful Minute come together to present a riveting original series featuring the survival and sacrifice of Jewry all over the world.

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There's One Treatment Abroad that Can Save Tzviki's Life!

There is one treatment abroad that can stop the cancer and save Tzviki's life!

How does life fall apart so quickly???

Three months ago, our lives were idyllic. Life was smooth, we were happy, and our home abounded with smiles and laughter.

And then, one dark day, our world collapsed.

Our precious 4-year-old Tzviki returned home one day from cheider and complained of pain in his legs. Our family doctor prescribed antibiotics and told us it would pass.

But it didn’t. Not at all. And it only got worse…

Tzviki continued complaining, and when neither painkillers nor antibiotics were effective, we were sent for testing and discovered the worst of all…

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The cancer, which had started in his leg, had already spread to his stomach and spine.

Doctors predict the worst, professing that it’s only a matter of time before it spreads to the nerves and destroys his ability to walk forever!

And that’s the “best case scenario.” Because the chances of Tzviki’s recovery are next to nil.

HOW CAN IT BE? My baby, my precious little boy! My adorable, mischievous, playful, smiley Tzviki …

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The cancer is slowly and silently taking over his entire little body, sucking the life out of our darling little boy…

I hope this will be the letter that ends all suffering! I pray that no mother should ever endure the excruciating agony of gazing at her son lying in a bed far too big for him and not knowing how much longer he has in this world…

Every time he cries that it hurts, I promise him that he’ll feel better soon. And every time, I cringe at the lie.

Dear friends! Never did I imagine that I’d be forced to reach out to you for help.

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But never in my worst nightmares did I dream that I’d be fighting for my child’s life!

There is one treatment abroad that can stop the cancer and save Tzviki’s life!

Please, help us! I can’t continue lying to him and promising him that, soon, soon, he’ll be better.

I can’t live with myself knowing that I didn’t do everything, everything, to save his life!

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With your help, we can fly Tzviki abroad and give him his very last chance to heal and walk out of the hospital on two legs.

With your support, we can save Tzviki’s life!

Your donation = Tzviki’s life!

Please daven for

נתן צבי בן טובה בתוך שאר חולי ישראל

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Chezky Brecher & Yoely Ausch "Raza D'Shabbbos"

Cantors Chezky Brecher & Yoely Ausch "Raza D'Shabbbos" At a recent private event. Accompanied by the Chevraya Choir.