Saturday, September 24, 2022

Shulem Lemmer Yomim Noraim Medley ft. M. Hershkowitz

As we get closer to the Yomim Noraim, the High Holy Days, I present to you this soulful medley. Made up of some of the most classic, well-known songs for this time of year, its purpose is to elevate and inspire. It is my hope that the power of music helps us enter the New Year with the right mindset and our hearts open to Hashem.

Arranged by Mendy Hershkowitz & Yanky Steinmetz @ SonicDuo
Vocals recorded at Doni Gross Studios
Video by TwoTone Media and In-Sight Studios
Filmed in Kingsway Jewish Center - Brooklyn, NY

V'Yeda Kol Pa'al - Chaim Pollak & Meir Adler

Reb Kalman Shtekel Z"L, the legandary Baal Menagen in Viznitz, who passed away a year ago.

Yehuda Green Selichot - 2022 - Official Full Video

Hundreds of Jews from all Walks of Life Attended Yehuda Green Selichos on Motzei Shabbos September 17. 2022 at West Side Institutional Synagogue in Manhattan

On the first night of Selichot, They usher in the spirit of the High Holidays. In the Carlebach tradition, these solemn prayers were infused with songs of hope, longing, and joy. Yehuda Green has been able to lead this service to a new level with over a thousand in attendance. Both his and Reb Shlomo’s melodies, along with the traditional liturgy asking for forgiveness, ensures that we dance our way into the Book of Life.

Thursday, September 22, 2022

Project Focus Presents: 8th Day - "Look Up"

In their newest music video, 8th Day reminds us to always Look Up!

In a world filled with distractions, it’s hard for us to focus on what really matters. Most of us have been there, mindlessly absorbed in our phones, and missing out on so much. “The mission of Project Focus is to encourage you to stop looking down at your phone, and Look Up instead,” explains Shmuli Rosenberg, the song’s composer and producer of the video. “That’s what the song is all about.”

The accompanying music video depicts a variety of people, around the world, in everyday situations who are looking down, until 8th Day comes along and reminds them to Look Up.

One of the song’s more intriguing lyrics proclaims: “I lift my eyes and see, there's a big world made for me, it's my life, and it's MY life that's worth living.” “All too often we miss out on the best moments of our own lives because we’re not looking up,” says Bentzi Marcus, “each of us has our own unique purpose, mission and life that we need to live.”

“This is the perfect message for this time of year,” Shmuli Rosenberg concluded, “we lose focus throughout the year, and on Rosh HaShanah we need to regain our focus and Look Up. We hope that people take this message to heart and share it with each other.”

Project Focus is a global movement whose mission it is to inspire people to stay focused and mindful every movement of their lives, and not miss out on what really matters. To learn more about the Project Focus and for inspiring messages, videos and tips visit

Emunah, Bitachon, Geulah Featuring Benny Friedman

Reb Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin's miraculous release from prison was an end to an injustice and the beginning of a new era of Emunah and Bitachon. Since then, he has dedicated his life to sharing the clarity we all so admired and teaching all who want to learn how to apply Emunah and Bitachon in our lives practically. The need is so great that he is raising funds so he can host more people at his Shiurim, Shabbatons, and seminars.

This song was composed not only to help with this worthy campaign, but to celebrate his miracle, acknowledge his dedication, and help spread the message of Aleph Beis Gimmel - Emunah and Bitachon will bring us each the Geulah we need. Make the time to grow in your own Emunah and Bitachon and help R' Sholom Mordechai the means to help others at

Aleph, Beis, Gimmel!
Performed by: Benny Friedman
Produced by: Doni Gross & Yitzy Waldner
Composed by: Yitzy Waldner
Lyrics by: Getzel Rubashkin
Musical Production: Doni Gross
Recorded at: DeG Studios, NYC
Video by: Getzel Rubashkin

TYH Presents: Keser Melucha | Shaya Gross, Yoeli Klein

The request for this song came from the Heilige tzaddik the Mezibezer Rebbe, Rabbi Rosenbaum, who envisioned a song that could be sung with his chassidim as they gather together for Rosh Hashana.

The words express the excitement and anticipation of a yid traveling to the Rebbe for Rosh Hashana. As each individual enters the holy day, they daven with the confidence that their teffilos will be answered and that blessing will flow throughout the year.

They travel back home, with renewed energy for the coming year and with this knowledge that Hashem is The King and that all bracha comes through Him.

אוּנְז פָארֶן אַרֵיין צוּים רֹאשׁ הַשָּׁנֶה
בַּיֵּים רֶעבִּין מִיט אַאַלֶע אַאַלֶע הַשְׁפָּעוֹת
זָאלְין אַלֶע מִיר אָהבִּין אַגוּטֶע יָאהָר
זָאלְין אַלֶע מִיר אָהבִּין אַגוּטֶע יָאהָר
זָאלְין אַלֶע מִיר אָהבִּין אַפְרֵיילֶכֶע יָאהָר
זָאלְין אַלֶע מִיר אָהבִּין אַזִיסֶע יָאהָר
וְיִתְּנוּ לְךָ כֶּתֶר מְלוּכָה
שֻׁבֻו לָכֶם שׁוּבוֹ לָכֶם לְאָהָלֵיכֶם
מִיט אַלֶע הַשְׁפָּעוֹת אַלֶע בְּרָכוֹת דַנְקֶען מִיר אַוף דֶעם
שׁוּבוּ לָכֶם בְּרֹאשֵׁיכֶם אֶלוֹקֵיכֶם זִינְגְמֶן מִיר טֶענְקְיוּ הַשֵּׁם

Composed by The Blumstien Brothers

Farbrengable Studios / Mendy Portnoy
Produced by Eli Klein & Yitzy Berry
Guitar & Bass: Nachman Helbitz
Kids choir: Shir V'shevach Boys Choir, Arranged By Chaim Meir Fligman
Recorded At: Master Studios Airmont, NY

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Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Cantor Helfgot - Motty Kalisch - Machnisei Rachamim

Park East Synagogue Selichos

Producer: Cantor Benny Rogosnitzky

Machnisei Rachamim at The Central Synagogue, Sydney, Australia

Naftali Kempeh Haneshama Lach at the Great Synagogue in Jerusalem

My Spirit Yearns: Baruch Levine & Yosef Shick

During Chodesh Elul and the entire Yomin Noraim, we search for ways to earn a Shana Tova Umesuka. Teshuva, Tefilla, and Tzedaka are the pillars of our Avodah in this period. Dovid HaMelech teaches us that in addition to the actions we need to take, it all comes down to what we really want out of life. If the essence of our life is our connection to Hashem, if that is truly לי טוב- the ultimate GOOD to which we aspire- then we will merit the ultimate joy of Kirvas Elokim in this world and for all eternity.

This heart stirring composition, reunites Baruch Levine and Yosef Schick the original וזכני duet many years ago. Streaming Everywhere

Performed by: Baruch Levine and Yosef Schick
Composed by: D. Schick
Produced and arranged by: Doni Gross
Public relations and Graphics: I & Me Media

Your Help Can Save Gitty’s life!

I didn’t sleep last night.

Or the night before, or the night before that.

Every night, I go to bed exhausted and wait for sleep to envelop me.

But it doesn’t.

I can’t go to sleep knowing that this might be Gitty’s last night.

And when I awaken, she’ll be gone.

My beautiful little Gitty is only 2 months old.

She was born with a heart defect that’s so rare that even the top cardiac specialists in Boston don’t want to operate due to her minimal chances of survival.

On the outside, she’s a beautiful, darling, smiley baby with bright blue eyes and delicate features.

But inside, she’s so sick and weak, and every minute of life is a struggle for her failing heart.

The medical specialists we’ve consulted recommended a special treatment that’s not covered by any insurance. The costs are astronomical, but it’s the only thing keeping little Gitty alive.

The doctors explained that if she survives the next few months, her chances of living to adulthood are much higher.

Gitty is only 2 months old, and I can’t go back to work because I’m constantly running back and forth with her between hospitals and clinics. She’s also in a far too delicate state to send her to a babysitter, because even a slight infection is life-threatening.

During the days and nights that I’m in the hospital with Gitty, my husband is taking care of our two preschoolers, so even he can’t work regularly now.

That’s why, aside from the all-consuming fear for Gitty’s life, we’re also drowning trying to cover our rent, food and basics.

Two months ago, Gitty’s siblings gave out candies in school on the day she was born, and they’ve barely seen her since!

On the rare occasions when she’s home, they mournfully ask me why she doesn’t stay longer? She’s so tiny and sweet, why doesn’t she ever stay? Why am I barely home?

What can I say?

That I wish, more than anything in the world, that we could both come home and be together again?

That I never dreamed we’d be living this nightmare, davening just to survive another hour and another day?

Dear Friends!

Your help can save Gitty’s life! Your support is the only thing that will save her life!

I’m reaching out to you with a mother’s desperate plea to save my daughter’s life, and Hashem should grant that you should always be among the givers of our nation.

Please daven for Gittel bas Rochel. b’soch sha’ar cholei Yisrael.

Click here to help Gitty

Under The Mailbox

A story of Divine Providence, as told by Rabbi Yoel Gold.