Thursday, September 29, 2016

Man Zapped as He Tries to Steal Booby-Trapped Trump Sign

A fed-up Donald Trump supporter took matters into his own hands after his Trump signs kept being stolen or vandalized. A home surveillance camera captured a neighborhood sign thief attempting to snatch the sign from the front lawn. But to the thief's surprise, the homeowner had booby-trapped the sign and instead, he got an electric shock that sent him scurrying away. In the clip, the man is first seen walking with a stroller, then returns later by himself. The creator of the video claims that the man was later charged with trespassing.

Yisroel Adler, Ari Reich, Malchus Choir

in Zürich, Switzerland Summer of 2016

Deer Hit by SUV Comes Back for Fight

A deer that was hit by an SUV in New Jersey wasn't going down without a fight. A police vehicle's in-car camera captured what happened after Ellen Sager struck the animal ( at the 0:03 second mark) on Sept. 17 in Howell Township.

Sager stopped and opened her door so she could look at the damage. The patrolman pulled over to help when the buck ran back across the road and tried to jump into Sager's driver's seat. The deer attempted to climb over her before she managed to kick it away and close the door. Sager sustained a minor injury to her knee. The deer died from its injuries.

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Dudi Kalish and Neranenu Choir - Hamelech

בפניכם ביצוע מדהים עם תזמורת בת 20 כלים
בניצוחו של המעבד והמנצח דודי קאליש ובלווי מקהלת נרננה
באירוע ענק שהתקיים באולמי אווניו בקרית שדה התעופה

ילד: שמילי קאליש
צילום: אלי אביב
עריכה: נתי אלבר
הפקה: אפרים זילברברבג - אפקט
מולטימדיה: שמוליק בן הרוש

Free Shower Service For Chareidim

One of the perks you get for participating in demonstrations.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Yishai Lapidot & Friends - Ani Ve'Ata

David Hababou - Hashem Melech - Music Video

Rostover Nigun by Young Violinist

Child violinist Chaim Chitrik plays the "Rostover Nigun."

This is one of the more serious of the Chabad melodies, characterized by its deep feeling and soul searching expression. The 5th Lubavitcher Rebbe "Rashab", Rabbi Sholom DovBer, was fond of this melody and sang it often. During World-War I, he left his native city of Lubavitch and settled in southern Russia, where he resided until his passing in 5680 (1920). It is therefore known as the Rostover Nigun- melody. The melody is usually sung before the Lubavitcher Rebbe began his Torah or Chassidic discourses.

Message From Friends at Chai Lifeline/Achim B'Yachad

As we approach the Yamim Noraim, let us daven that the year to come will be filled with many good memories, and only good days.  May Hashem send a yeshua for all those in need of a refuah and may our next event be held in Yerushalyim with Mashiach ben Dovid.⁠⁠⁠⁠ A Kesiva V'chasima Tova.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Meir Rosenberg - Ayeh - Kumzitz - Music Video

The song "Ayeh" was released by Meir Rosenberg a while back and it reached a lot of people who really connected to this message of  Reb Nachman of Breslov, here is a video of Meir performing with friends at 1225 a place were the people come and get closer to hashem thru music and learning...

אבל תיכף כשמבקשין איה מקום כבודו נמצא שיודעין על כל פנים שיש אלוק יתברך רק שהוא נסתר ונעלם ועל כן מבקשין איה... ובזה בעצמו מחיה עצמו במקום נפילתו.

(ליקוטי מוהר״ן סי׳ י״ב חלק ב״)

Jonathan Pollard in Rare Inteview on Streets of NYC

Since his release from prison, the former Israeli spy has been spending his time in court fighting the restrictive probation conditions that prevent him from finding employment or attending morning and evening prayers at the synagogue. Close friends say Jonathan and his wife Esther are dreaming of making aliyah and living in a moshav in southern Israel, but he is barred from leaving the US for another four years.

Israeli Channel 1, caught up with him, while walking with his wife, on the streets of Manhattan, in NY.

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