Monday, May 29, 2023

TANTZERS - Dancing Away The Pain

When a family has a sick child or when a parent is ill, it takes a tremendous toll on the entire family. That's where Tantzers steps in.

Through our range of services, Tantzers strives to bring joy to Cholei Yisroel and their families. Tantzer’s Family Center gives children with a sick family member a second home where they can enjoy weekly programs, games, and arts and crafts in a warm and welcoming environment.

But the organization's commitment does not end there. Tantzers goes above and beyond by organizing exciting outings for boys and girls, enabling them to explore the world outside of their daily struggles. Whether it's annual trips to breathtaking locations or monthly visits to ice cream parlors, arcades, and swimming venues, Tantzers strives to create joyful experiences and everlasting memories.

Throughout the year, Tantzers hosts various events such as celebrations for Purim and Chanukah, Parents’ Night Out, Mother's Night Out, Boys Shabbaton, and Girls Shabbaton. These special occasions leave a lasting impact and provide moments of celebration and happiness for Cholei Yisroel and their families.

On a weekly basis, Tantzers organizes cozy events filled with music, delectable food, captivating shows, and thoughtful gifts. These gatherings offer families the opportunity to momentarily escape their hardships and bask in uplifting moments, while being embraced by a caring and supportive community.

Moreover, Tantzers extends its reach by making home and hospital visits to individuals in need of comfort and cheer. These visits not only provide nourishment, but also offer doses of music, magic, and more, with the intention of uplifting spirits and providing a comforting presence during challenging times.

As Tantzers prepares for its inaugural crowdfunding campaign, they are relying on your support. The global community is rallying behind Tantzers, recognizing the tremendous impact they have and the difference they make to patients and their families.

With your help, Tantzers will continue making a profound impact on Cholei Yisroel and creating moments of happiness powerful enough to change the world.

Butterfly - Abie Rotenberg & Shulem Lemmer

An Ohr Naava Production

In tribute to Rabbi Zechariah Wallerstein, ZT"L, who helped myriads soar through Ohr Naava, the global movement of inspiration, education and strength for Jewish women.

Words & Music by Abie Rotenberg
Performed by Shulem Lemmer & Abie Rotenberg
Music Produced & Arranged by Doni Gross
Recorded at DeG Studios, NYC

Produced by The Anelis Group
Creative Director: Elisheva Perlman
Cinematographer: Atara Wolf
Wardrobe Stylist: Ruchi Singer and Chani Chopp

Aaron Bensoussan - Avinu Shebashamaim

"Avinu" starring international star Aaron Bensoussan, directed and produced by Zvika Bornstein.

The song is a heartfelt tribute to the Prayer of God's blessing upon the State of Israel, told from the perspective of a baby born on May 5th, 1948 - the same day as the establishment of the state.

As Aaron's character celebrates 75 years of life, we journey back in time through the eyes of the young man and witness the special moments and highlights of Israel's history.

Bornstein skillfully captures the courageous story of the establishment and life of the State of Israel.

Sunday, May 28, 2023

LIVE: TorahAnytime Annual Fundraising Campaign

TorahAnytime is having the Annual Fundraising Campaign.

The expenses operating an organization that spreads over 12,000,000 hours of Torah a year to over 1,000,000 users on 10 different platforms is not a small matter. With our devoted and dedicated team of software developers, designers, marketing managers, multiple departments heads and more, the tasks and growth of TorahAnytime doesn’t end. In addition, Baruch HaShem we have such a great product, the most don’t realize the technological expense of recording, editing, posting, storing over 200,0000 lectures and and doing the same for over 700 lectures a week. Most don’t know about the enormous monthly server fees, hosting fees, storage fees, bandwidth fees and more!

Even thought so much has been accomplished, we truly feel that this is just the tip of the iceberg. They’re still so much more to do.

Show Your Support

Mordechai Shapiro - Ani Yehudi - Music Video

Composed by Mordechai Shapiro
Lyrics written by Yitzy Berry, Eli Klein and David Herskowitz
Music Produced, arranged and Mixed by Mendy Portnoy
Vocals recorded by Aryeh Kunstler at Roar recording studios
Guitars: Noam "Hargol" Burg
Choir vocals: Mordy Shapiro and Aryeh Kunstler
Additional backing vocals: Mendy Portnoy
Additional Mixing and Master Yaron Safer
Video Produced by: Motty Berkowitz & Rafi Barides
Gaffer: David Alexander

Saturday, May 27, 2023

The Chupah - Simcha Jacoby & Mendy H Band

Ladies and gentlemen, The Chupah is about to begin.

This majestic medley, featuring a wide variety of beautiful songs, combines a unique blend of power and emotion. Simcha’s dynamic vocals blend seamlessly with the magnificent musical production by the Mendy Hershkowitz Band to create a musical masterpiece.

Prepare to be captivated by the view, the voice, the orchestra… The Chupah.

Maasim Tovim - Benny Friedman
Bossie Legani - Yonatan Shainfeld
Achoseini - Dudi Kalish & Aaron Razel
Ilan - Yitzy Waldner & Yaakov Shwekey

Produced by: Mendy Hershkowitz @ Sonic Duo Studios
Production Management: Leiby Scher
Video shot and edited by: Two Tone Media
Mix & Master: Sonic Duo Studios

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

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Ari Hill - איכא בשוקא - Music Video

Zevi Weinstock Returns With A New Hit "Yivarechicha"

Singer and songwriter Zevi Weinstock is back with a new hit song. After his last five songs spread far and wide, fans have been clamoring for some new material. Zevi has shown a real knack, not just for singing, but for writing these beautiful songs with important messages. The time has come for a new release. Yivarechicha is a fresh song with a vibrant sound. Produced by the talent that is Eli Schwebel and with the help of friend and mentor Ari Cukier, this song is sure to become the one hit you listen to all Summer long.

Download/stream Yivarechicha by clicking this link

Produced by: Eli Schwebel
Composed by: Zevi Weinstock
Performed by: Zevi Weinstock
Feat. Ari Cukier

R' Shloime Taussig - Shteigen

Retzoneinu - Mendy H Band ft. Meilech Braunstein & Shira

As we prepare to relive Kabolas HaTorah, the Mendy Hershkowitz Band is pleased to present "Retzoneinu". Featuring the sweet and stirring vocals of up-and-coming artist Meilech Braunstein and backed by the inimitable Shira Choir, this song is the perfect way to welcome in Shavuos.

Composed by: Yitzy Waldner
Originally recorded by: Avraham Fried
Vocals: Meilech Braunstein and The Shira Choir
Band: Mendy H Band
Stage Design: Lipa Feldman
Engineer: Levi Parkes
Sound: Yossi Sandel
Video Production: Leiby Scher
Video Shooting & Editing: Motty Engel
Mix & Master: Sonic Duo Studios