Monday, January 17, 2022

Ki Keil Melech - Eitan Katz - Single

This Nigun was composed while visiting my dear friend Moti Kest ז״ל.

Moti was a pillar of Chesed to his community, a loving son, husband, father, and grandfather to his beloved family, and a friend like no other to those who were zoche to know him.

I'll never forget how, even in his sick and weak state, he picked up the bongo and started playing along as we sang this Nigun. May this Nigun bring comfort and happiness to those in need.

Produced, Arranged & Performed by Eitan Katz

Jeremy Brown - Violin
Yoshie Fruchter - Bass
C Lanzbom - Lead Classical Guitar
Shaya Lieber - Percussion

Additional singing by:
Heshy Deutsch
Yehuda Horowitz
Ben Lutz
Sruli Prero

Mixed & Mastered by C Lanzbom @ Sherwood Ridge Studio

Sunday, January 16, 2022

Adam | Moshav | TYH Nation

Adam Eitz Hasadeh,

The rebirth of trees is really a mashal for the rebirth of each individual person. Like a tree while still fully immersed in the cold season, we can sense the sliver of light, the beckoning call of our Pintele Yid assuring us of a brighter future. Rebbe Nachman teaches of a 100 year old tree, and comments that although this tree has been through its share of winters, each year it comes roaring back, as the leaves begin to grow on its worn branches. The day of Tu B’shvat reminds us that this quality is found inside of every member of our holy nation.

Farbrengable Studios
Song Composed by The Blumstein Brothers
Produced & Arranged by Mendy Portnoy
Bouzouki - Duvid Swersky
Drums - Avi Avidani
Percussion - Chemy Soibelman
Bass - Danny Shnaiderman
Guitars - Yair Meizlish
Keys - Mendy Portnoy
Backing vocals- Mendy Portnoy
Lyric video - MATISHRIKI Studio
Design - Yakov Josephy
Mixed by Mendy Portnoy & Yaron Safer
Mastered by Yaron Safer

5 Kolos - EP Album Preview - R' Shloime Taussig

R’ Shloime Taussig presents: The first Chasidic EP album "5 Kolos"


As an artist that has released three albums as well as six popular singles, R’ Shloime Taussig continues to be at the forefront of innovation in contemporary music as he launches a new EP album.

EPs or as they’re known in Hebrew mini-albums, have in recent years become a trend that’s gaining momentum on the international music scene, but has not yet been adopted in the world of frum Jewish music. With this album, R’ Shloime Taussig is launching "5 Kolos" - the first EP album in the chassidic music genre. Each of the 5 tracks on the album had been meticulously selected and no effort was spared in ensuring that each track on this groundbreaking album was produced to musical perfection for the ultimate listening experience.

In charge of musical production, arrangements and vocal production, were the amazingly talented duo Eli Klein & Yitzy Berry who also composed the entire lineup of songs. The children’s choir "Chassidimlach" lent their sweet voices to the project taking the smooth, rich blend of vocals to the next level.

Saturday, January 15, 2022

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Thursday, January 13, 2022

What does the number 5 mean to you? | The Big Reveal

Be sure to watch till the end for THE answer aka The Big Reveal

Hundreds Perform Ho'aderes V'Hoemunah in Unison

Watch: 300 students and staff of Chabad Yeshiva Chanoch Lenaar in Tzfas, stage a brilliant performance of the Chabad niggun Ho’aderes V’hoemuna conducted by singer Simche Friedman.

Yisroel Leshes - Yinger Velt / Younger World - Music Video

Directed by Dean Lakic
Cinematography by Fabio Tabacchi
Filmed in Venice, Italy

Listen on Spotify
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Kinyan Hamasechta Midwest Event 2021 - Highlight Video

December 26 2021

For more info click on

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Signed At Sinai - Amazing Hashgacha Pratis

Rabbi Yoel Gold Releases Amazing Hashgacha Pratis Video Ahead of Sinai Academy Auction

When Alex Shafir was called to do a random act of kindness he discovers he was repaying a debt 30 years later!

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Tuesday, January 11, 2022

The Song of Megillah

Daf Yomi will be celebrating the Siyum of Megillah this Thursday.

The SONG OF MEGILLAH is a great chazara that includes hundreds of phrases found in the mesechta, chazur’ing its key klallim and yesodos - all in rhyme!

Visit for the complete library of Songs.

Click on the Lyrics below to enlarge.

Orangutan Casually Driving a Golf Cart

Golf carts are one of the easiest vehicles to drive on. But just like riding a bicycle, not everyone can drive around one. Other than on golf courses, people use them to move around the neighborhood or a gated community.

Gated communities can be a lot of things, right? A zoo, for example. While a zookeeper driving around in a golf cart is an everyday view at any Zoo, an Orangutan driving one is not something you see everywhere.

A YouTube video of an orangutan driving a golf cart in a zoo is getting viral over the internet.

Throughout the reign of YouTube, we have seen many animals do the impossible things around. An orangutan driving a golf cart should be counted in such a category. But what makes this orangutan different from other animals?

The chilling vibes that the animal is giving off are something that you cannot ignore. He is riding the cart while holding one hand on the top rail.

The orangutan also makes eye contact with the videographer many times in the video. But he just ignores the videographer as if saying, “It’s my everyday life!”

With the wind in his hair, the orangutan radiates a “cool guy” vibe throughout the video.

No, not Tiger Woods, but an actual tiger wanted a ride in the golf cart! While the orangutan is driving, many animals can be seen in the background, inside their cage. Although everybody else chose not to mind him driving a cart, the tiger chose a different approach.

When the orangutan reached his area, the tiger couldn’t help but walk towards him. But the funny thing is that the orangutan just looking over him as if saying, “sorry bro, not today.”

Driving a golf cart is not a difficult task. Yet, one needs proper training to drive one with such ease. However, the orangutan seemed like a professional golf cart driver. This means either his trainer is great at his job or the orangutan is highly intelligent.