Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Every Dollar Counts! Your Donation Makes a Difference!

Libby suffers from a rare heart disease and many medical complications that arose as a result of her illness.

She’s only 3 years old, but she’s already undergone open heart surgery. Now she needs another urgent surgery abroad.

The costs are astronomic, but the surgery must be carried out soon if it’s to succeed.

With each day that passes, the chances for success and Libby’s hope for recovery decline…

To reserve the surgery date, full payment must be delivered to the hospital by the end of the month.

If the family can’t get the money together, Libby will lose her chances for this life-saving surgery…

And along with it, her chance to live a healthy life!

Every dollar counts! Your donation makes a difference!

Partner with us now to save Libby’s life!

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Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Shmily Morgenstern Story - Chaim Medical 2023

No fight too hard.
No distance too far.

Every day, Chaim Medical Resource answers the call of cholei Yisroel who have nowhere else to turn

A 36-year-old mother who wants to raise her children

A 60-years-young grandfather who wants to see his grandchildren get married and establish families

An innocent 6-year-old boy who begs to go back to cheder; and so many others.

Chaim Medical answers their call.
Our 75 staff members
In 19 medical departments
Answer some 800 calls each day.

We are UNSTOPPABLE. We let nothing stand in our way. The most dire prognosis, the most pessimistic doctor, the most elusive cure, does not stop us. We move mountains and leave no stone unturned in our quest to save a life.


Sunday, January 22, 2023

Testing Birds Skills

"Raven, who I just call bird, hangs around my back yard. This day I was throwing him peanuts to see if he'd catch them. I've taken many videos of him."

November 8, 2022. Safford, Arizona.

Eli Marcus & Simcha Leiner at Wedding

0:00 Yama - Benny Friedman
1:18 Machshavot Tovot - Moti Weiss | (Nigun LSVY"T #73)
2:37 Retzoin Boreini - Beri Weber
3:54 L'Chai Olamim - Matt Dubb, Mordechai Shapiro & Benny Friedman
5:25 Shuvi - Simcha Leiner
6:42 Bonus!

Canadian Bull Moose Sheds Both Antlers

"My name is Derek Burgoyne, I am a Forestry Operations Supervisor. As I was flying my drone on Jan 12, 2023, inspecting a hardwood ridge, I spotted 3 moose bedded in the snow with my drone. As a flew nearby, they stood up due to their sharp hearing and began to feed. The bull with both antlers had a walked about 50 yards and as I put him in center frame on my drone camera, and luckily clicked record, he began to shake his body to rid himself of the snow that was on him. With it being shed season, the time of year when the antlers fall off, and me being a shed hunter by hobby, I held my breath, hoping it would happen…and it did! As he shook his head, both antler flew off! A bull can shed 1 side and and carry the other side for days even weeks, so this was extremely rare for this to happen and catch it on film!! When the antler flew off and I realized I was recording I said to myself, “this could be viral material!” I consider this winning the lottery when it comes to wildlife photography."

January 12, 2023. Plaster Rock, New Brunswick, Canada.

The Song of Nedarim

Daf Yomi will be preparing to celebrate the Siyum of Nedarim this week. The SONG OF NEDARIM is a great chazara that includes hundreds of phrases found in the mesechta, chazur’ing its key klallim and yesodos - all in rhyme!

Visit for the complete library of Songs.

Saturday, January 21, 2023

LIVE: Sinai Academy's 26th Annual Auction


Sinai Academy’s goal is to give every Jewish child the opportunity to live a life of Torah and experience our rich Jewish heritage. Many of Sinai’s students come from Public School with virtually no knowledge of Judiasm.

Sinai provides an elite education in both Jewish and secular studies in a warm and loving environment. We serve students from grades 6-12. Our mission is to enable these precious boys to develop into proud Jews that will eventually give back to the community and become role models inspiring their younger peers.

Since 1987 Sinai Academy middle school and high school has been leading the way in education innovation. Its student body consists of boys who are coming from public school with minimal exposure to Judaism. At Sinai Academy these children are exposed to a warm and loving environment. The boys at Sinai feel the love and warmth from our dedicated staff and refer to Sinai as their home and family.

Sinai Academy's Chinese Auction is one of its main fundraising events. The proceeds allow Sinai to continue to offer scholarships, allowing every child that knocks on its doors the opportunity to learn about their rich Jewish heritage and live a Torah life.

Thursday, January 19, 2023

Perfect Tu B’shvat Craft!

Cutest Flower Pot Faces | Planter Pot Face | DIY Pot People | Plant Decor Ideas

With Tu B'shvat coming up, let's get planting! But why would you put your plant in a regular boring flower pot when you can put it in an adorable pot with personality:)

Flower pot
Saucer (plate)
Small wooden ball
Googly eyes
Fake lashes
Glue Gun
Permanent markers
Dress up decor (ex:glasses, earrings, pearls, bow)

Step 1: glue gun the small round ball to the middle of the flower pot
Step 2: paint the pot and saucer
Step 3: attach googly eyes and lashes
Step 4: add in the rest of the face (mouth, beauty mark) with paint or permanent marker
Step 5: have fun dressing up Mrs. or Mr. Pots!
Step 6: subscribe to “onarollcrafts” on youtube for more awesome craft content!

Boston Dynamics' Atlas Robot Shows off New Skills

In the video above, Atlas shows a surprising amount of forethought, grabbing and placing a wooden plank across a large gap before heading over to pick up the tool bag itself. From there, it's a simple matter of climbing a set of stairs, balancing across said plank, hopping up a couple ledges, jump spinning in place to turn around and gently hucking the bag over its head to the platform above. That's all before it shoves a box off its platform — carefully avoiding not tilting over the side itself and then, "dismounting with an inverted 540-degree flip that project engineers have dubbed the Sick Trick,'" according to Wednesday's release.

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Smart Duck Opens Faucet to Drink Water

"I happened to see one of my ducks opening the faucet in order to drink water. This is the most intelligent duck I have ever seen!" Binh Phuoc, Vietnam.