Monday, March 11, 2024

Rosh Chodesh - Mordechai Kohn & Yedidim Choir

This Rosh Chodesh Mordechai Kohn reflects on the nostalgic charm of warm oldies, offering a delightful medley of timeless Jewish music.

Featuring The Yedidim Choir and arranged by the talented Benny Laufer, it is one that inspires, uplifts, and brings joy.

Watch, listen, sing along, and let the music take you back.

Music Credits:
A Dididum Studios Production
Music Arranged By: Benny Laufer
Choir: Yedidim Choir | Yoel Hersh Fuchs
Vocal Production: Dididum Studios
Mix: Eli Klein & Yitzy Berry

Video Credits:
Video Production & Project Management: SolBlum Media
Directed, Edited & Coloring: Hershy Segal
Cinematography: Yossi Shelest
Gaffer: David Alexander
Cover Design: VigiGee
Production Assistant: Leiby Scher
Filmed at: RSVP Steakhouse | 845-533-5033

Musicians On Set:
Shimmy Markowitz
Stanislov - SPN Events
Avrumi Basch
Yumi Sebbag
Yossi Mozeson
Chaim Buxbaum

Connect with Mordechai Kohn:
(845) 869-1051

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