Wednesday, March 06, 2024

Mikvah Chaim Zanvil in Casa Grande, Arizona

Mikvah Chaim Zanvil in Casa Grande, Arizona! It’s not just another Mikvah but a rare opportunity to take part in writing a new chapter in our history, helping establish a new Chasidish community in the Arizona Desert.

The Chasidishe community in Casa Grande, Arizona, was established about four years ago when a handful of families moved there and started planting the seeds of this beautiful Heimishe community.

Four years later, approximately thirty Chasidish families call Casa Grande home, and it is bustling with activity, with shuls, a Cheder, a girls’ school, a grocery, a restaurant, and more. However, one critical piece of infrastructure is still missing: a proper Mikvah Taharah.

But this opportunity is even more significant. It also encompasses the great mitzvah of Kiruv Rechokim. Numerous Jewish families living in the surrounding areas have never gone to Mikvah yet, and now, with the completion of this Mikvah, many of them will start going to Mikvah for the first time in their lives!

Enormous efforts have already been invested by the residents and community members and hundreds of thousands of dollars have already been sent on this Mikvah currently being built in memory of the holy Ribnitz’er Rebbe ZT”L, but, sadly, they were unable to complete this project on their own, since they have already depleted all their resources. Now, they count on the help of our Jewish brethren to bring this project to completion.

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