Sunday, March 17, 2024

Geula Energy | Duvid Fried Ft. Gershi Uri & Menagen

A brand new, exhilarating experience in music! Join Duvid Fried, Gershi Uri and the Menagen Choir in this latest release "Geulah Energy."

In times like these, we are all seeking some energy, something that will ignite in us a spark of hope for redemption.

London-based, acclaimed keyboardist Duvid Fried answers this call with his breathtaking creation Geulah Energy, featuring the dynamic vocals of Gershi Uri and the harmonic talents of the Menagen Choir.

Gershi's remarkable, soul-stirring voice, together with Duvid Fried's masterful arrangement and the Choir's celestial harmonies, result in a vibrant and heart-warming composition. Prepare to be moved, for this musical collaboration promises an experience that will strike a deep chord.

Adding to the excitement, the video breaks new ground by introducing innovative drone footage, providing viewers with a unique and immersive visual treat.


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