Friday, January 26, 2024

Joey Newcomb - One Note Niggun

Composed, Written & Performed By: Joey Newcomb
Music Produced & Arranged By: Doni Gross
Recorded At: DeG Studios, NYC
Video Produced by: Motty Berkowitz

"Never let that ole little note fool you, it’s got more power than you know! If you were to listen to someone play or sing the same note over and over again, it would sound lame and not exciting, however when you start to play different chords behind that note it starts to sound and feel different even though the note isn’t changing. As I was sitting once on my couch with guitar in hand, this concept hit me and I started to think deep about. The message I was feeling is the lyrics in the song however there are many messages and I hope that people will find there own inspiration the meaning of that one little note that seems insignificant. Enjoy!


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