Thursday, December 07, 2023

Pey Dalid feat. DJ Burny Kahal - 8 Nights - Music Video

“One of the most energetic and innovative holiday singles of the year, ‘8 Nights’ celebrates the timeless joy of Jewish culture”

The brothers of Pey Dalid are renowned in the Jewish music world for keeping ancient traditions alive while exploring dynamic contemporary styles.

On their newest single, they are joined by emerging talent DJ Burny Kahal, who provides the jubilant vocal hook at the center of this wonderful recording.‘What makes this night different from other nights,’ chants the memorable refrain.

It is a question which Jewish families have asked themselves for centuries.

Throughout the rest of the song, the musicians celebrate the enduring history and immovable spirit of the Jewish people.

It is a vibrant recording that will resonate in the hearts of Jewish listeners everywhere, providing hope, healing, and light to the people who need it most.‘8 Nights’ is available everywhere

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