Wednesday, December 06, 2023

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Why are we FIRED UP?

When a terrible illness strikes, we are FIRED UP to strike it down. When a family's world is engulfed in blackness, we are FIRED UP to spark a glimmer of hope. In the darkest hour, our hearts get FIRED UP.

We are FIRED UP because only the eternal light of our pure candle can banish the toxic smoke of cancer.

Every year, RCCS spends $21 Million dollars to help save and better the lives of thousands of Cholei Yisroel and their families.


As the preeminent resource for medical referral in the cancer field, RCCS has a specialized understanding of physicians, patients, and diagnoses, enabling the best bespoke treatment solution for each and every case. RCCS ensures that each human being will get treated by the ideal specialist, obtaining appointments and treatments as soon as needed, with dignity and grace. RCCS provides financial grants, insurance premium payments (on average $18,000 a year per family plan) and insurance industry guidance to ensure that top care is covered. RCCS also assists patients and families with maintaining medical records; insurance renewals; pain relief; and much more.

We can do this thanks to one person. You!

Because you are FIRED UP we have the support to support those who need it most. Your generosity is the fuel that FIRES UP the engine of hope and healing.

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