Monday, December 25, 2023

Anushim Kemaluchim - Motty Ilowitz

From the author: "Anushim Kemaluchim" (People, like angels) is more than just a track from my latest album, "Hasuges." It's a glimpse into the incredible stories of those often overlooked—ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

"The whole "Hasuges" album is a collection born out of my fascination with the unsung heroes among us. Those small but mighty tales of people who, in their simplicity, shape the world in profound ways.

"Anashim Kemalchim" weaves together a few of these stories, celebrating the beautiful acts of seemingly ordinary individuals.

As you dive into the visuals accompanying this "Anashim Kemaluchim" track, you will witness the spirit of these stories come to life. Feel the emotions and the beauty in the simplicity of these beautiful acts and be inspired by those who inspire us without seeking recognition."

Composed, written, and sung by Motty Ilowitz

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