Tuesday, November 21, 2023

We Lost a National Treasure: Yossi Heshkowitz HYD

We Lost a National Treasure: Yossi Heshkowitz HYD, Our Fallen Chayal

Yossi Hershkowitz, a revered school principal in Jerusalem, transitioned from educator to hero on a mission in Gaza. He led a daring operation to rescue hostages, eliminating 22 Hamas members but sacrificing his life in the process.

Yossi leaves behind a loving wife and five young children, now facing financial uncertainty as the primary breadwinner is gone. To support his family, a campaign has been launched.

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His message to his students before his mission was heartfelt, expressing his longing for them and his hope for Israel's unity and strength.

Yossi Hershkowitz's legacy is one of courage and sacrifice, a national treasure and fallen hero who gave his all for Israel's safety. May his memory be a blessing, and may his legacy inspire us to stand strong together.

A campaign has been launched to support his family in this difficult time.

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