Monday, October 02, 2023

LIVE: Smichas Beis Hashoeva in Crown Heights - 6:30PM

Originating as a modest band on top of 770 Benches four decades ago, Smichas Beis Hashoeva in Crown Heights during Sukkos now boasts a full-band extravaganza with nightly attendance in the thousands. This celebration has become an integral part of the Crown Heights community, drawing in locals and Tishrei guests alike.

Guided by Rabbi Yisroel Shemtov - under the directive of the Rebbe - since its inception, this year's event promises an exciting children's program and nightly entertainment with performances by prominent bands and singers. We anticipate the largest turnout to date, both in-person and through an extensive online viewership. Smichas Beis Hashoeva stands not only as a well-known phenomenon but also as a cornerstone of the Crown Heights community.

While it may seem that these events just materialize every year, the reality is that orchestrating them requires significant planning and resources. The budget exceeds $100,000. To cover the expenses, we are turning to YOU to take part in this amazing Zechus!

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