Tuesday, September 05, 2023

50 Years of Mordechai Ben David: Songbook

Dear MBD Fan, I'm excited to announce that my first book, "50 Years of Mordechai Ben David: Shabbos Table Songbook," is now available! It's the only one in the world of its kind. It was made with immense time and love. I hope it blows you away!

What makes this book unique is that it contains the following features for EVERY MBD song on ALL his solo albums:

1) The lyrics with nekudos, formatted in the structure of the song (verse, chorus, etc.)
2) The transliterations (the Hebrew words in English letters)
3) The translations in modern day English, so you better connect to the meaning of the song
4) The source of the lyrics (where it's found in davening/tanach/etc.)
5) The performer(s), composer, lyricist, arranger, producer, album and year.
6) A link to a 30 second sample on YouTube, containing the verse and chorus to identify the song. The video displays the album cover, inserts, and medium (record/tape/CD). The description has links to Spotify and Mostly Music where you can support the artists by buying the album.
There are 307 songs in the book plus Seder Shabbos, Sheva Brachos, an English and Hebrew Table of Contents, a Special Occasions Index (categorizing songs by Yom Tov and Simcha), and beautiful cover art.

Order your copy now by messaging 301-785-7159 or emailing kumzitseverywhere@gmail.com

Your payment goes to Kumzits Everywhere, LLC and will be used to finance the world's greatest Jewish Music Information Database.
For every 30 books sold, KE will make a complimentary kumzits for a special-needs residence.

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