Thursday, August 03, 2023

NEW Footage: US Troops Rescued Jews From Nazi Train

Stunning never-before-seen footage of U.S. soldiers liberating a train of 2,500 Jewish prisoners headed for a Nazi death camp in the dying days of World War II has been unearthed by an American high school history teacher.

Dubbed the 'Miracle at Farsleben', the rescue operation occurred on April 13, 1945, when a train carrying Jewish prisoners from Bergen-Belsen to Theresienstadt concentration camps was forced to stop near the village of Farsleben to avoid being caught in the crossfire of an artillery battle between U.S. and German forces.

The SS officers in charge, facing the prospect of not completing their grim task, had been instructed to execute as many of their captives as possible.

But the Nazi officers abandoned their posts and fled when an American jeep and tank arrived on the scene, undoubtedly saving all 2,500 prisoners from the bleak fate that befell some 6 million of their kin.

The newly discovered three-minute clip portrays the aftermath of the liberation, showing the gaunt and battered survivors, many of whom were dressed in torn clothes and suffering from lice infestations, experiencing varying degrees of relief, euphoria and complete exhaustion as they realize they are being rescued.

The footage was filmed by one of the soldiers from the American Ninth Army, who happened to have a camera on hand.

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