Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Mordechai Shapiro • Umibaladecha • Only You •

An army of Yidden - both single and married - are waiting. Some for a zivug, others for a child.

They are waiting and proclaiming, unanimously, Umibaladecha! There is no one but You, Hashem, our Father, our King.

We do our hishtadlus, but our belief lies in You. As one, Bonei Olam’s Ohel Sarala and Vzakeini participants tap into the unparalleled strength of tefila - davening to the only One who has the power to bring the miracles we seek - Umibaladecha! Hashem, we don’t have another Father.

Music Credits: Executive Producer: Boruch Goldbeger
Song Written & Composed: by Chayala Neuhaus
Arranged & Produced by: Tzvi Blumenfeld

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