Sunday, August 20, 2023

A Night With MBD - Ft. Motty Feldman - Yanky Levy Prod.

Join us for an unforgettable musical experience in "A Night with MBD."

This live video brings together the talents of Yanky Levy, Mordechai Ben David, Motti Feldman, and the Shira Choir for a magical performance at Camp Ruach Hachaim.

From classic hits to modern tunes, MBD and Motti Feldman's voices blend seamlessly with Yanky Levy's production, all against the backdrop of a starry night.

Immerse yourself in the unity and joy of music as these artists come together for a night of memorable melodies and inspiration.

Music: Yanky Levy
Live Sound: stellar/ Moshe Zuckerman
Video Editing: Benhesh studio
Thumbnail: Shlomy Krausz @Triangle Media

Special thanks to Shlomy Scharf

To Book Yanky Levy for your event or Simcha: 347-675-0919

Book Shira Choir: 718-855-7447

Book Motty Feldman: 7326644216 - 3479882449

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