Monday, July 31, 2023

Siman Tov - Shia Heshil Scharf - Single

Get into the wedding vibe with this new release "Siman Tov" by Shia Heshil Scharf.

"Siman Tov" a new wedding classic was composed by Shia recently after attending a wedding under the inspiration of the wedding tunes it suddenly popped in to him the idea of the song and after working on it for a while he realized its something that needs to go public and after discussing with Moishy Kraus in wich direction to present it they decided to do it with kids choir wich is most suitable for this song.

The song brings you into an uplifting experience with joyous tunes and inspirational notes, passionately woven with a harmonizing twist and uplifting effect wich will keep you elevated while listening to this beautiful masterpiece and dancing on its notes to uplift your spirits and will enhance and add much joy to your wedding wich will surely keep you dancing with pure energy & excitement! A song you would not stop listening to over and over again!

Composed & Sung by: Shia Heshil Scharf
Kids Choir: Mk kids Choir
Music by: Zishe Schnitzler
Recorded at: MK Studios

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