Monday, July 31, 2023

Help Fund The 10+ Recent New Bonei Olam Programs

My Dear Friend,

In the last year, we at Bonei Olam reached a tremendous milestone. As of last summer over 11,000 babies were born as a direct result of our financial assistance. To look back at where Bonei Olam began - as a dream of helping couples struggling with infertility - to where we are today, is to celebrate the miracles we witness every day.

There are those who may say - 10,000 babies - we have reached our milestone and our goal.

I say, with the joy of welcoming over 11,000 babies into this world, I know that our mission has only just begun.

Our story is far from over. In fact it is only beginning.

As long as there are childless couples in Klal Yisroel, Bonei Olam will do everything in our power to help them. Whether it’s cultivating relationships with doctors, researching new protocols or pursuing the ‘impossible,’ I cannot stop. Where others say enough, we say let’s try one more time.

Every day, we see the yad Hashem and clear siyatta dishmaya in our work. We witness tears of sadness turn to tears of joy. We watch the impossible come true, and we rejoice.

Recently, Bonei Olam opened a number of new divisions in addition to its regular infertility funding. Each one is designed to aid couples and individuals struggling with infertility.

These programs include our Uterine Transplant Program, Kesher Shidduch Network, Oncofertility Cancer Preservation, Cocoon, Secondary Infertility, AAS Andrology Solutions, Tomorrow Singles Cryopreservation program, and multiple genetic programs.

Today, Bonei Olam launched a chapter-wide $10 Million campaign to fund infertility treatment for couples across the USA.

I have taken upon myself a unique goal to raise $1 Million to fund all the extra projects that we have recently launched. Many of these couples have been told they will never have a child of their own. Some of these are young girls that will now be able to pursue marriage and start a family , which wasn't even a dream just a short few years ago.

I beseech you to open your hearts and help me fulfill my dreams, which is the dream of all our couples waiting for their yeshua.

Bonei Olam is not just a part of my life. It is my life.

Please help us at this important time.

Yours truly,

Rabbi Schlomo Bochner


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