Wednesday, June 07, 2023

Miri's Life is in Danger

Miri was Born with cancer in her spleen, her life is in danger

There's nothing like the anticipation of welcoming your first child into the world.

The joy. The exhilaration. The pure excitement.

And when you hear the piercing cry of your child who turns you into a father or mother, the rest of the world ceases to exist.

You are now a family. Father, mother, child. Your world is complete.

Three months ago, the young Levingers, world collapsed as their precious new-born, their very first miracle, little Miri was born with a cancerous tumour in her spleen.

Nothing could have prepared them as they were ruthlessly thrust into a world of grim prognosis, white coats and beeping machines.

No words can do justice to describe the shock, confusion and deep searing pain of watching their infant battling for her life. Struggling to survive, as her tiny body is pumped with medications that have the ability to scorch human skin.

Their joy has turned to grief. The exhilaration to bewilderment. The excitement to fear.

Fear for their child's life.

Miri desperately needs a bone marrow transplant in the US. It's the only option they have. Her only chance at life.

But from whence does a young couple come up with the $100,000 this costs?

Dear Brothers. We cannot let Miri die for lack of funds. We must do all it takes, for every Jewish life is a whole world. 

Please click here to help us raise the $100,000 to save the world called Miri

And in this merit may you never know this kind of pain and May Hashem repay you with all the peace and comfort.

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