Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Highlights: Holocaust Survivors Cruise

Over 100 Holocaust survivors and some of their grandchildren set sail on a cruise at The Brooklyn Army Terminal.

The cruise was organized by The Borough Park Community Council and The United Task Force.

The survivors were just children when the German government state-sponsored the mass murder of millions of Jews, Romani people, mentally disabled, political dissidents, and homosexuals by the Nazi regime between 1933 and 1945.

The survivors, now in their late 80s and 90s, boarded the boat to share their accounts of what they lost in the years of Hitler’s regime. Bertha Einhorn was just 12 years old when she was moved between two concentration camps.

“I lost my whole family,” she stated.

Esther Rubenstein also can’t shake her tragic memories from the camps. She was just 5 at the time and is the sole survivor of her family.

“We had no clothing or food. One day we had a chance to clean and we found some food left in the kitchen,” she said.

Another Brooklyn resident said her life was spared when her super claimed there were no Jews in her building.

According to the National World War II Museum, it is estimated that at least 6 million Jews, as well as 5 million others, targeted for sexuality, political ideologies, prisoners of war, and others, died in the Holocaust. It is estimated at least 1 million children were killed.

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