Saturday, June 24, 2023

Hashem Is One | | TYH Nation | Music Video

Oh how we wait for that awesome day when Moshiach shows up and the whole entire creation proclaims “Hashem Echad!” “G-D is One”!

But really, why wait? When we can actually live in Moshiach times right now?

Every second that we live with emunah, and vibe with the reality that Hashem runs the world, is a pure and beautiful moment of Moshiach, where we are already experiencing the bright illuminating light that Moshiach will bring.

The more we spread this message, by living a life connected to Hashem, the closer we all get to that glorious day.

Farbrengable Studios/Mendy Portnoy

Song written and composed by The Blumstein Brothers
Performed by
Music Arranged, produced and mixed by Izzy Drihem
Additional production: Mendy Portnoy
Backing vocals: Avi Ganz
Vocals recorded at Farbrengable Studios
Guitars: Avi Singolda
Horns: Dani Flam
Mastered by Ronen Hillel
Artwork design: TYH Nation - Tzviya Kravitz
Video produced by Motty Berkowitz and Mendy Portnoy
Filmed and Edited by Motty Berkowitz
Costume Design: Rivki Kumer

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