Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Duvid Fink Band ft. Shloimi Meisler & Zamru Choir

Ari Farkas Presents: Duvid Fink and his Orchestra Acompenied by Shloimi Meisler and Zamru Choir for an energetic Medley - "A Dance in Europe"

Fink, a promising musician and arranger, who has recently produced CD’s and singles for Top singers, is embarking on a new path and launching a professional orchestra that will perform at weddings and events throughout Europe and abroad.

They are now releasing a new LIVE Medley "A Dance in Europe", together with the successful and energetic wedding singer Shloimi Meisler, one of the busiest and most prominent singers in the world of weddings in Europe in general, who is endowed with a powerful, exciting and captivating voice.

Accompanied by the professional Zamru choir which is characterized by diverse voices and unique arrangements ideas that compliment the singer bringing out the very best results and atmosphere.

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