Sunday, June 18, 2023

Ari Goldwag "Kevodo" ft. Yosef Kugler

Song Produced/Arranged/Mixed by: Ari Goldwag
Composed by: Yosef Kugler

בכל דבריך ומעשיך ומחשבותיך ובכל עת חשוב בלבך כאילו אתה עומד לפני הקב״ה ושכינתו עליך כי כבודו מלא עולם (אגרת הרמב״ן)

In all of your matters, actions and thoughts, and at all times - think in your heart as if you are standing in front of the Holy One blessed is He, and His Divine presence rests upon you. For His honor fills the entire world.

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