Sunday, May 14, 2023

Shira Sings Shira

The power of song (shira) carries us through every moment of every day. It celebrates life’s highest peaks, and encourages us across the valleys. Song is contagious; when one person sings, he draws others in, and they can’t help but join him in harmony.

This song, composed by Shlomi Gronich in 1979 and now complete with new, uplifting lyrics by the one and only Lipa Schmeltzer, is a pitch-perfect invite from us to you, to raise your voice, to sing along, and to find strength and joy in music.

Of course, you won’t be singing alone! As you enjoy this pure a cappella recording featuring Shira’s finest vocal musicians, you’ll be inspired by the power of vocal music. You won’t hear a single string, wood, or wind instrument. No one but Shira can deliver such a nuanced, complex, and layered song without missing a beat (or an instrument).

This is not only the best thing you’ll hear this Sefira. It’s the best thing you’ll listen to—on repeat!—all year. Our gratitude to the legendary Sheya Mendlowitz for the concept.

Produced by: Shraga Gold
Song Composed by: Shlomi Gronich - Tzon Barzel Music Ltd.
Lyrics by: Lipa Schmeltzer
Arranged by: Yoely Horowitz
Recorded, Mix & Mastered by: Shlome Wechter - Volume Studios
Filmed, Directed & Edited by: Ari Levy
Concept by: Sheya Mendlowitz

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