Tuesday, May 09, 2023

Help them Keep their Part of the Deal

7 years plus 6 weeks of waiting

They pledged a name to R'Shimon, but right now the baby, future Shimons life is in danger….

7 endless years. 7 years of achingly empty arms, painful silence, dashed hopes and fervent tefillos.

7 years of exorbitantly expensive treatments.

Of filling oceans with their tears and never giving up hope.

Lag Ba'omer. Yartzeheit of R'Shimon. Promises of miraculous salvation bring throngs of Jews from all stripes to plead their cause and beg R'Shimon to interevene on their behalf.

Sara and Yosef make a deal. In the zechus of R'Shimon let us please be granted our most fervent wish. And in his zechus, filled with gratitude, we will name our son Shimon.

6 weeks ago they emerged into the light as R'Shimons promise is fulfilled. Now it's time for them to keep their part of the promise. V'Yikra Shemo bni……Shimon!

But their little boy is not ready for his bris. Born early at 700 grams, Yosef and Sara's precious miracle is in critical condition. His lungs are weak and his blood is too thin, his only chance is a lifesaving operation which needs to take place abroad.

Unfortunately, 7 years of trying to have a child has depleted their finances and they simply cannot afford the $80,000
it will cost to save their child's life.

In desperation we turn to you, our brothers, to save Yosef and Sara's sick baby by helping us raise the full sum of $80,000

In your zechus, let's daven and hope that by Lag B'omer, little Ploni ben Sara will be entered into the covenant of Avraham and be crowned with his name - Shimon.

Help them keep their part of the deal.

R' Shimon is waiting.

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