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A Ray of Hope for Baby Leba and Her Family

A Ray of Hope for Baby Leba and Her Family

Help us support a family in crisis as they fight for their infant's life and strive to keep their other 8 children's lives as stable as possible.

Dear Klal Yisrael,

A few weeks ago, a beautiful baby girl named Leba entered the world, bringing mazel and nachas to her loving parents and 8 older siblings. However, simcha quickly turned into stress when baby Leba developed concerning symptoms that required immediate medical assessment. After an agonizing wait, test results revealed a rare tumor on her delicate liver. Due to her small size and vulnerability, surgery is not yet an option, and Leba remains in the hospital, barely stabilized, as she awaits further MRIs and an intense series of nearly 100 more medical tests. Once baby Leba receives clearance from doctors at Beis Hadassah Hospital, the family will need to immediately travel to the United States for a specialized time-sensitive procedure, which is the only chance Leba has to survive. The minimum estimated cost of the surgery and associated expenses is upwards of $150,000. 

Throughout this challenging ordeal, Leba's parents have remained by her side, day and night, refusing to leave their daughter. Their oldest child is engaged to be married, but thoughts of wedding planning have been pushed aside. The other children are school-aged, and return each day to a once-vibrant apartment, now quiet and missing the love, laughter, and shalom bayis that once filled its walls. Leba’s siblings make a heartbreaking sacrifice every day to ensure every possible resource is available to their fragile baby sister rather than themselves.

In the midst of this overwhelming tszar and struggle, Leba's mother has been a pillar of strength for the family. Throughout their 20 year marriage, her husband has been learning in Kollel with a modest stipend, while she has provided the bulk of the Parnasah by running a small babysitting service in her home. A devoted mother and a tireless provider, she has always put her family's needs above her own.

However, with Leba's birth and ongoing medical crisis, she now spends her days and nights in the hospital, unable to continue working. This sudden loss of financial stability has left the family struggling to afford even basic necessities, including rent and food. Insurance covers many of baby Leba’s medical expenses, but not the ones associated with this anticipated trip to the US for the specialized surgery, nor the financial toll on the siblings due to their absent mother and father.

Numerous neighbors, friends, and family members have spoken out, wishing to convey the true character of this remarkable family. According to their testimonials, baby Leba's family has always been known for their infectious smiles, unwavering emunah, and commitment to Torah. The family has consistently engaged in acts of chesed, always eager to lend a helping hand to those in need. The Chasidish community of Beit Shemesh has rallied behind them, fervently praying for baby Leba's recovery and for her parents to bring her home with a renewed lease on life. Unfortunately, the Beit Shemesh community alone cannot provide the level of financial support needed to sustain this large family during these trying times. They are in need of support from the extended Klal - which is you, dear reader.

Your generous donations will not only help to ease the burden of medical and living expenses, but also give Leba's mother the opportunity to focus on what truly matters: the health and well-being of her newborn baby and the emotional support of her other children. Your kindness will provide hope for this family, empowering them to face this nisayon with renewed courage and bitachon.

Tizkeh Lmitzvos. May you always be on the giving side. 

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