Sunday, May 21, 2023

24 Hours of Inspiration: R’ Zecharia Wallerstein זצ"ל

On Sunday, May 21, will come alive for 24 hours of inspiration in preparation for Shavuos.

The momentous “Zos Hatorah” streaming event will bring together the best in Jewish inspiration and entertainment for men and women.

Whether you are drawn to deep learning or quick insights, you’ll find something to take from dozens of legendary speakers sharing perspective on Kabolas Hatorah.

Jewish music fans can look forward to a brand-new song composed by Abie Rotenberg, inspired by the teachings of Rabbi Zechariah Wallerstein. Performed by Abie Rotenberg and Shulem Lemmer, the music video will debut at the Zos Hatorah online event.

The event is timed to pay tribute to Rabbi Zechariah Wallerstein ZT”L, in connection with his first Yahrtzeit.

A beloved rebbi and successful businessman, Rabbi Wallerstein is best-known for founding Ohr Naava, the global movement of inspiration, education and strength for Jewish women.

Viewers will be inspired by heartfelt personal stories from those closest to Rabbi Wallerstein, empowering messages from the rabbi himself filmed throughout the years, and “Man at the Mountain,” a new documentary on his life and impact.

Ohr Naava’s six divisions now reach over a million women and girls annually.

Leading up to, and throughout the event, viewers are encouraged to buy letters in the Rabbi Wallerstein Legacy Sefer Torah written in his zechus, and to benefit the organization.

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