Monday, April 24, 2023

We Have No Choice But To Reach Out For Your Help

We have no choice but to reach out to you—Acheinu Bnei Yisrael—for your help.

My baby is only 8 months old, but she has a tumor in her brain.

Yaffa is so small, far too little to fathom that her life is hanging by a thread.

That she’s hovering between life and death.

She’s so tiny, and the only life she’s ever known has been an endless stretch of pain.

I watch my infant crying, and my heart wrenches inside.

But there’s nothing I can do.

I watch her cry, but I hardly hear her. She’s so weak that she can barely cry.

So I cry together with her.

Yaffa urgently needs to undergo lifesaving surgery in Chicago. 

It’s her only chance to survive, her only chance of recovery.

With this surgery, she can iy”H grow up to be a happy, healthy child and adult.

Without it…hope is minimal…

There are days when I close my eyes and imagine bringing my baby home from the hospital, healthy.

But then I awaken to the cruel reality of life and wonder if it’s even possible? 

How can I travel abroad and fund the surgery when we’re barely making ends meet?

I’m in the hospital with Yaffa day and night, and my husband stopped working temporarily in order to stay home and care for our other kids. 

We’re drowning financially and falling deeper into debt every month.

How can we even think of taking a $200,000 loan to cover the surgery and treatment? 

What about flights? Accommodations? Who will care for the kids while we travel?

How will we ever repay such a debt?

We can’t do this alone! But we can’t resign ourselves to fate and forfeit Yaffa’s only chance to live!

We have no choice but to reach out to you—Acheinu Bnei Yisrael—for your help.

With your generous support, we can take Yaffa to Chicago for surgery.

With your help, we can save Yaffa’s life!

Please help us, so we won’t have to pass up her only chance!

Partner with us in saving our baby’s life, and iy”H, you and your family should be zocheh to health and hatzlachah always!

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