Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Shabbos Medley - Yossi Green, Mott Vizel, Malchus Choir

Matana Tova! A string of Shabbat songs, a purity of the magical works for Shabbat by the great composer Yossi Green, is presented herewith Yossi himself, singing and playing the piano and presenting the songs together with Motty Vizel accompanied by a huge musical ensemble conducted by Maestro Benny Laufer and the Malchus Choir.

This happens at the annual dinner of the Yeshiva Gaon Ya'akov, founded by Maran HaGrail Steinman Zt'l, which took place this year in the 'Dimol Platinum' halls in a spectacular and magnificent production of Absolut Productions by Eli Schechter and Leivi Amzel.

Alongside the prepared tables and the best speakers, the audience was treated to a fascinating artistic program with the guest who came especially from New York - Yossi Green, who entertained the evening with his greatest songs of all time, with maestro Benny Laufer writing the arrangements and conducting the music.

At the climax of the evening, a special verse 'Matana Tova' was performed for the first time, which Pinchas Bichler recited from Yossi Green's best Shabbat songs, with Motty Vizel and the Malchus Choir completing the harmony.

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