Saturday, March 04, 2023

"Purim K'Purim in Caribbean" Yisroel Adler & Eli Marcus

Yisroel Adler and the Neranena Choir Present: Purim K'Purim in the Caribbean

Singer Yisrael Adler shares a personal chilling story from the heichal hateshuvah--a story woven in the mysterious way that only the Baal Harachamim, who awaits every Jew's repentance, can orchestrate.

The story began on a family trip to Toronto, when Adler struck a conversation on the airplane with his seatmate, a Jew who had drifted far from Torah observance. After a long talk, the man remarked that he would consider doing teshuvah if he'd find a reputable Jew willing to undertake his whole history of sins.

The story continues to play out as it connects worlds, cultures, and sectors, traveling from Toronto to the resort town of Barmouth in England and finally to the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean Islands, until an awe-inspiring conclusion that inspires you to new levels in Divine faith.

The clip was staged and photographed by photographer Nati Elbar on a tour with insurance firm MassMutual in the Caribbean Islands, and produced by Shimi Typerg with American singer Eli Marcus and the Neranena choir.

Special thanks to El-Al airlines Ltd.

Thanks to R' Yitzchak Abowitz, CEO of Bureaucracy Solutions- Turning Over Worlds for You.

• Yisroel Adler
• Eli Marcus
• Neranena choir
• Keyboard: Dudi Jacobowitz
• Saxophone: Menachem Friedman
• Guitar: Zalmy Steckel
• Photography and stage: Nati Elbar
• Production: Shimi Tyberg
• Editing: Hershy's- Hershy Segal
• Mix: Chaim Moses
• Translation to English: Text Effect
• Translation to Hebrew: Asapra- Y.M. Olewski
• PR & Media: First Class

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