Thursday, February 23, 2023

Pesach In Florida: Shwekey & Akiva Concert

In the weeks and months leading up to Pesach, preparations are gearing up for two first-of-their-kind concerts in Miami and Orlando, catering for the tens of thousands heading there for Pesach.

The concert blends the classics with the new, with Shwekey’s popular hits over the decades, such as Racheim, Vehi Sheamda, and Eish, being complemented by Akiva’s breakthrough presence. Though a newcomer on the scene of Jewish music, Akiva’s music videos have already garnered millions of YouTube hits, and his songs have reached the #1 spot on Israeli radio numerous times.

The two performed together a few weeks ago at the prestigious Hasc Concert, and participants were swept away by the powerful performance and unique blend of American and Israeli music between Shwekey and Akiva. Immediately after the concert, the two got together to plan additional joint performances and look forward to a lasting friendship and additional collaborations.

Event producers told COLlive: “We’ve set out to do something unique. We’re taking our cue from the prestigious Pesach programs, who have hosted musical events on Chol Hamoed with fantastic production quality for years. We want to bring the same experience to the masses headed to Florida for Yom Tov.

“Following recent trends here in the States, with the wild popularity of Israeli music and performers, we are excited to host Akiva as he increasingly furthers his efforts to touch Jews of all backgrounds!

“Participants at the recent performances by Israeli singers here in the States, accompanied by Israeli producers, have picked up on the incredible quality Israeli producers bring with them. This Pesach, we want to “bring Binyanei Ha’Umah to the shores of Miami'', so to speak.

“We are certain this unique collaboration between Shwekey and Akiva will inspire Achdus, and participants will walk away uplifted in the spirit of Yom Tov”.

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