Thursday, February 16, 2023

LIVE: Final Hours to Give Back to Rabbi Shais Taub

Final Hours to Give Back to Rabbi Shais Taub

The SoulWords annual campaign and livestream ends tonight! Show your appreciation and give back so that Rabbi Shais Taub can continue spreading the light. Tonight Rabbi Taub will be joined with musical friend, singing star, Eli Marcus.

The first topic for Tuesday night is "The Future of the Jewish Internet" at 8 PM ET in which Rabbi Taub will take an honest look at our relationship with this powerful tool. At 9 PM ET, Rabbi Taub will address "Chasidus Will Bring Moshiach."

Rabbi Shais Taub's SoulWords is a virtual community that reaches thousands of people every week to learn and grow together in their spiritual connectedness. SoulWords began as a one-man-operation but has steadily grown to expand its reach each year with the help of money brought in through crowdfunding. This year, the ambitious goal of $500,000 will allow SoulWords to take on more staff so that they can reach even more people all over the world.

Watch the livestream and join the campaign at

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