Wednesday, February 22, 2023


In our era of unparalleled chesed, every important cause has one or more wonderful organizations stepping up for those in need.

But what happens to those whose need for support flies under the radar? Even more, what happens to those who refuse to publicly admit that their lives are falling apart?

Kapayim was founded to extend a hand and save freefalling families who are dealing with a medical crisis. While an entire chesed world ensures that the patient receives the best care, the children at home and the parents pulled in multiple directions are often forced to fend for themselves while dealing with emotional turmoil.

The organization provides services at home, such as cleaning, dinnertime help and babysitting; in the hospital, from covering shifts to providing nourishing meals; and at the Kapayim centers where siblings and children of patients can come by to spend time in a supportive and uplifting environment and get away from the difficult circumstances at home.

Recently, Kapayim opened a new center in Lakewood, named The Cabin, to accommodate local children. This space joins the three other centers in Boro Park, Monsey and Williamsburg. Kapayim’s operations have by now expanded far beyond the founders’ wildest dreams, with many hundreds of volunteers under its wings, thousands of car service and messaging rides provided, and tens of thousands of little acts of chesed performed each year.

But these services don’t come cheap. With an annual budget of $2,500,000, the support of Klal Yisroel is urgently needed today!

Please join hands with fellow community members to bring relief to the families of Cholei Yisroel and to ensure that life can go on.

Your act of chesed will have an immeasurable impact for many years to come and your zechus will be tremendous.

Open Your Heart

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