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כתב-יד קדשו של איש האלוקים ה"אוהב ישראל" מאפטא זי"ע

כתב-יד קדשו וחתימת ידו של איש האלוקים רבינו ה"אוהב ישראל" מאפטא זי"ע

***Once in a while, we discover historical treasures that cause the hearts of professionals, collectors, nostalgic people, historians and anyone with a burning Jewish emotion to skip a beat.Rarely, do we discover letters by Tzaddikim, by famed Chassidic leaders. When we do, thousands of Jews show interest; few of them actually get to purchase these letters and bring blessings into their home. 

The letter, which contains lengthy lines of blessings for Naches, Yeshuah and success, was written in the midst of the debate over the famed 'Slavuta Printery', the printery of the grandsons of the holy Rav Rabbi Pinchas of Koretz, which many Tzaddikim supported, preventing other printers from trespassing. In the letter, the Ohev Yisroel of Opatow tells the great Gaon Rabbi Ephraim, Zalman Margolis of Brody, the author of the Beit Ephraim, about people in Paritzk who were trying to trespass on the property of the Slavuta printery and asks him to prevent this from happening. 

*Judaica offers many opportunities, this item, however, is the only one in the entire world.

Overwhelming excitement is felt among Chassidim and collectors with the discovery of a letter handwritten by one of the greatest Tzaddikim, the Ohev Yisroel of Opatow, with his pure blessings for success, Yeshuah and Naches, a letter which is now being auctioned by the Tiferet Auction House of Jerusalem.*

The special upcoming auction of the Tiferet Auction House, the large and important auction house for Judaica and Chassidic treasures, surprisingly includes one of the most important and precious letters in the Chassidic world – a letter with important historical content. 

 Sometimes, usually only once in many years, a famed Segulah amulet a special artifact that was owned by a renowned Tzaddik, or a letter containing blessings for Yeshuah and success by holy Tzaddikim is discovered. And then, then there is a real celebration among Chassidim, men of action and anyone seeking Yeshuah.

 In such cases, one needs money, a lot of money, to obtain such a Segulah item and put it in a safe or on display. But there are some items that include everything and for them, one needs to have an in-depth understanding, emotion and a developed sense of history; being a wealthy person and a great investor is not enough.

The Ohev Yisroel adds special warm blessings for a good, sweet year: " עתה רק חיים ושלו' מאדון העולם, ועל טוב יזכר שמו לפניו בימים הקדושים והנוראים הבעל"ט לפקדהו בדבר ישועה ורחמים. ימלא ה' משאלותיו לטובה ויחדש עליו ועל ביתו שנה טובה ומתוקה.

"Well-known among Chassidim is the saying of the Be'er mayim Chaim of Chernovich that three or four words of blessings by the holy Rav of Opatow are already an abundant source of Yeshuah. 

The excitement from this letter is thus double: an entire letter handwritten by him containing lengthy lines of blessings, much more than three or four single words!

The Tiferet auction house notes with approval that the upcoming auction, Tiferet SheBaTiferet, auction 43 of the auction house, introduces only extremely rare, unique and invaluable items. Thus for example, we are auctioning a holy letter by the Rebbe of Sadigura, the Rebbe of Husiatyn and the Rebbe of Vizhnitz, Segulah items and pedigreed books from the house of Ruzhin, blessings in a rare and touching letter by the holy Rav of Belz, books printed in Slavuta and more. Yet undoubtedly, the letter by the Ohev Yisroel of Opatow is the highlight of the auction, which itself is an auction of the most precious Judaica items that can be found.   

The auction will take place on March 5 2023 in Jerusalem and on our website:


On the website, you can find and download the impressive catalog of the rare and unique items the Tiferet Auction House is auctioning. There it is noted that the demand and interest are record-breaking.

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