Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Sinai Academy - Give Every Jewish Child the Opportunity

Sinai Academy’s goal is to give every Jewish child the opportunity to live a life of Torah and experience our rich Jewish heritage. Many of Sinai’s students come from Public School with virtually no knowledge of Judiasm.

Sinai provides an elite education in both Jewish and secular studies in a warm and loving environment. We serve students from grades 6-12. Our mission is to enable these precious boys to develop into proud Jews that will eventually give back to the community and become role models inspiring their younger peers. Since 1987 Sinai Academy middle school and high school has been leading the way in education innovation. Its student body consists of boys who are coming from public school with minimal exposure to Judaism. At Sinai Academy these children are exposed to a warm and loving environment. The boys at Sinai feel the love and warmth from our dedicated staff and refer to Sinai as their home and family.

Sinai Academy's Chinese Auction is one of its main fundraising events. The proceeds allow Sinai to continue to offer scholarships, allowing every child that knocks on its doors the opportunity to learn about their rich Jewish heritage and live a Torah life.

Join us Motzei Shabbos on January 21st for our LIVE AUCTION AND SHOW!

Featuring: Joey Newcomb, Beri Weber and David Blatt.


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