Monday, January 30, 2023

R' Pinchas Wolf Presents: Shirei Shabbos 5 - Sampler

Shabbos is a time when we all disconnect from the mundane and reconnect with our family and Hashem. No matter how many Shabbos songs we grew up with, there is always place to squeeze in another song at our Shabbos meals.

Eight years ago the world was introduced to the hartzige nigunim of composer extraordinaire Reb Pinchas Wolf, titled Shirei Pinchas. To date he has released four albums featuring some of the top vocalists in Jewish music as well as Reb Pinchas singing some of the nigunim.

Reb Pinchas at the age of 76 ad mayo v’esrim shono, still davens for the omud every Shabbos Mevorchim to rave reviews from the mispalelim. His ability to improvise chazanus while at the omud is amazing.

The fifth album, Shirei Shabbos, contains five all new songs as well as nine songs from Shirei Pinchas volumes 1-4. All composed by Pinchas Wolf; produced and arranged by Doni Gross. Featuring top vocalists as well as Reb Pinchas and featuring the Yedidim International Choir.

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