Thursday, January 05, 2023

Masbia Thanking KJ POULTRY for Donating Deli

Alexander Rapaport: We are here at Masbia of Boro Park.

This morning we got this amazing delivery of over 200 cases of deli from KJ Poultry. Did you ever think what happens to all the end pieces when you buy their beautiful packets in the grocery store? Actually, here is where it ends up. All the end pieces and miss cuts of all the beautiful deli ends up at Masbia and we serve it to people in need so people in need can also enjoy some delicious KJ Poultry. These are the end slices, the mis-cut slices.

So thank you KJ Poultry, for number one: making sure nothing goes to waste, and number two: for helping us to feed the needy at Masbia.

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